Diablo IV is not coming to Game Pass

They have to say that so they get preorders for the Beta on Friday (with full priced $70+ purchase). If they said it’s going on GP then many would wait and they would lose out on a lot of $$$$. As of right now it won’t be on GP because they aren’t owned my MS yet, and they get to cover their ass. Personally I WAS going to buy it but I’m thinking the merger will happen and it will end up going on GP. So I’ll save my $$


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No doubt this is saved in draft mode on someone's desk at MS:

"Great news Xbox and PC gamers. We are excited to announce Diablo IV is available on Game Pass now"


Not true, twitch is not a good indicator. If a popular streamer starts streaming an old game does it mean it is popular now?

Halo Infinite still tops the chart on xbox while getting more updates which means it isn't dead. Sorry, Halo still exists while other shooters like Killzone and Resistance are truly dead.
If alot of people are watching a game it means it's popular, yes. It doesn't matter who's playing it

And there hasn't been a Resistance or Killzone game released in years, why would people still be playing them

I don't know what sort of fanboy head you must be wearing to think Halo : Infinite has been successful in any way whatsoever

Xbox charts mean nothing, of course Microsoft are going to be fudging the numbers to put their flagship games at the top of them, their in no obligation to do otherwise

Honestly seems like you're trying to derail my initial comments to for fill some sort of personal agenda because you like a game that has unfortunatley failed
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