Diablo lll: Ultimate Edition digital download is 62.7gb [in EU, 26.1 GB in US]

Just saw this on the PlayStation store.


I've only played the demo on ps3, what would warrant such a download size?

Crazy file size.
The reason must be the presence of all the language files in the game. On PC, if you download every single language, I'm sure the game can get this big. Still, that sucks.
The Dutch web store says 58.4 GB, but yeah, WTF! So it's actually compressed on the Blu-ray disc? Edit: that or a day one patch I guess.

I don't own that many disc based games anyway yet, so the file size is no problem for me, but no way I'm gonna spend € 69,99 on it for the digital version. I'm trying to go digital only and this is the first € 69,99 game I actually want, but I'm sure it'll drop to around 39-49 before year's end, I can wait.
Do they not join file sizes of each game on PSN? Or is it not crossbuy with PS3 version?

I'm just wondering because I bought The Swapper on PSN, it said about 900MB but the PS4 version was about 400MB, other versions made up the rest of the size on PSN...

That is all I can think of, why would Diablo 3 be 62GB is beyond me otherwise.