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DICE LA's Secret 2042 game mode: Calling my shot boys!


They/Them A-10 Warthog
Jun 24, 2014
What we know:

1. Love letter to Battlefield fans
2. Its a game mode
3. Rumors of BF3 remake
4. Something meaty enough that an entire company is working on it
5. Not a Battle Royal

Here is what Dice LA is working on:
Its every single Launch BF3 map remastered and redesigned to work perfectly for the RUSH game mode.

You heard it here first folks. BF 2042 is going to have 7 Massive 128 player maps, a hazard zone map, and every launch BF3 map (64 players) designed specifically for Rush. That is $60-$70 dollars worth of multiplayer content if you ask me.


Jun 11, 2004
Yeah it is rush. Because it is the only mode that can be called a love letter to fans.
Jun 15, 2020
while i absolutely love rush and rush designed maps, Hazards description just doesnt fit. the “love letter” part fits but nothing else.

they described it as:

- very squad oriented
- knowing the loadout of your squadmates will be absolutely vital
- very sweaty
- intensity builds over time

that doesnt sound like rush to me. although i wouldnt de surprised if they took rush and modified it somehow

it could be something based on a map like Warzones where they took elements of prior maps to make a larger map. then you take 128 players, 4 man teams, and then have rush bombsites pop up on the map where all the teams can clash
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