Dick Cheney has no pulse . . . yet he lives . . .

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C'mon . . . considering Dick Cheney's reputation, that is pretty funny. He is the undead.

Reporting from Washington and Los Angeles —
Former Vice President Dick Cheney, battling a lifetime of cardiac disease, has not decided whether to seek a heart transplant but could use a device surgically inserted into his chest last week as permanent therapy for his condition, according to a source close to the Cheney family and to heart surgeons familiar with the treatment.


One potential oddity is that most patients who have the device have neither a pulse nor a conventional blood pressure, and must carry medical documentation saying that the lack of a pulse does not mean they are dead.

"The patient is going to look like a walking zombie
," Mazur said.

Best wishes to Dick Cheney on his recovery. But please stay out of politics . . . for your health. :D


May 12, 2008
Now that explains why his political career was a vein effort.

btw I know you check for the pulse at the artery
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