Did Swery just confirm a Deadly Premonition sequel?

Just saw this:

Ravi Sinha: After Deadly Premonition, what various ideas did you eventually cycle through before settling on D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die?

SWERY: After producing Deadly Premonition, I started work on production of the Lord of Arcana series right away, and during that time I was already working on the planning and pre-production of D4. So you could say that I’ve been working on D4 for about the past 2~3 years or so. Looking back at the original plans, there are some parts which have changed greatly a lot, and some parts which haven’t changed a bit. At the same time I was also working on the sequel to Deadly Premonition and the framework for the Director’s Cut.
Source: http://gamingbolt.com/d4-interview-...ntial-of-xbox-ones-cloud-exclusivity-and-more
it's a moderate cult success, i'd be surprised if he didn't do it

very excited to see what else SWERY comes out with, great dev to watch out for