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Digimon Community Thread |OT| For all the Digidestined on GAF




Digimon Adventure

This is Digimon Adventure also known as the first season of Digimon: DIgital Monsters!

7 Kids are at summer camp while all around the world, weird weather is happening. It even ends up snowing at their summer camp and while playing in the snow they are transported to the Digital World where they meet their own Digimon partner, a digital friend that digivolves to rookie, champion and Ultimate too.

They are the Digidestined!

You can watch the English Dubbed version on both Crunchyroll and on Netflix (dubbed) or you can watch the subbed version also on Netflix (subbed).

Translation Guide:

This section is specifically for people who don't know the Japanese names. if I miss any out that you feel I should include, let me know. I will also not include attacks here but if you think I should add any specific ones, let me know.

EN -> JP

Tai Kamiya -> Taichi Yagami
Matt Ishida -> Yamato Ishida
Joe Kido -> Jyo/Jo/Jyou Kido
Izzy Izumi -> Koushiro Izumi
Kari Kamiya -> Hikari Yagami
T.K. Takaishi -> Takeru Takaishi
Nancy Takaishi -> Natsuko Takaishi
Digidestined -> Chosen Children
Biyomon -> Piyomon
Gatomon -> Tailmon
Myotismon -> Vamdemon
VenomMyotismon -> VenomVamdemon
Machinedramon -> Mugendramon
Frigimon -> Yukidarumon
Rookie -> Child
Champion -> Adult
Ultimate -> Perfect
Mega -> Ultimate
Digivolution -> Evolution

Digimon Adventure 02

This is Digimon Adventure 02 also known as t he second season of Digimon: Digital Monsters.

3 years after the final battle of Adventure, one Digidestined who moved away from Odaiba when he was alittle kid finally moves back there with his Mother. But on his first day at hie new school he and his fellow Digidestined are called upon again by the Digital World to deal with new trouble in the form of a child that calls himself the Digimon Emperor. TK and Kari, the two youngest of the original Digidestined are joined by 3 new Digidestined to stop this new menace and to save the Digital World once again.

You can watch the English Dubbed version on both Crunchyroll and on Netflix (dubbed) or you can watch the subbed version also on Netflix (subbed).

Translation Guide
EN -> JP

Davis Motomiya -> Daisuke Motomiya
Yolei Inoue -> Miyako Inoue
Cody Hida -> Iori Hida
Veemon -> V-mon
Flamedramon -> Fladramon
Raidramon -> Lighdramon
MaloMyotismon -> BelialVamdemon
DNA Digivolution -> Jogress Evolution

Digimon Tamers

Digimon Tamers also known as the third season of Digimon: Digital Monsters and the first to be set in a different Universe from the first two seasons.

In this Universe, Digimon is a franchise which is all about merchandising, sort of like the real world really. The biggest merchandise being the card game which is what this is all centered around.

One day, our protagonist, a young boy finds a mysterious blue card that he tries to swipe in his card reader which mysteriously changes it into some sort of device. A digital divice even which in conjunction with a drawing of a made up Digimon he drew, his Digimon becomes real. This is no longer a game for our young protagonist or for the other children. They are now Digimon Tamers!

You can watch the English Dubbed version on both Crunchyroll and on Netflix (dubbed) or you can watch the subbed version also on Netflix (subbed).

Translation Guide:

EN -> JP
Takato Matsuki -> Takato Matsuda
Rika Nonaka -> Ruki Makino
Henry Wong -> Jenrya Li
Kazu Shioda -> Shiota Hirokazu
Jeri Katou -> Juri Katou
Suzie Wong -> Shiuchon Li
Calumon -> Culumon

Digimon Frontier

This is Digimon Frontier also known as the fourth season of Digimon. This season is particularly controversal due to the fact that the protagonists do not have partners and are infact able to transform into Digimon themselves through Spirit Evolution.

In this season, our protagonists each recieve a message which leads them to an underground train station. After boarding a train, our progaonists end up in the Digital World where they each find a spirit that allows them to Spirit Evolve into Digimon in order to save the Digital World.

You can watch the English dubbed version over on Crunchyroll.

Translation Guide:

EN -> JP
J.P. Shibayama -> Junpei Shibayama
Zoe Orimoto -> Izumi Orimoto
Tommy Himi -> Tomoki Himi

Digimon Savers

This is Digimon Savers also known as the fifth season of Digimon and also known as Digimon Data Squad overseas. The first series to have its own proper subtitle for the west. This season is also notable for a major art style change compared to previous seasons.

In this season, Digimon are known amongst the government who have set up DATS, short for the Digimon Data Squad in order to deal with threats posed by Digimon who have somehow entered the real world. They work to contain incidents by turning Digimon back into Digieggs and sending them back to the Digital World while erasing the memories of humans who have come into contact with Digimon and covering up any large scale incidents that end up on the news.

This season starts with the fateful encounter between a Street Fighter and an escaped Agumon.

Translation Guide:

EN -> JP
Marcus Damon -> Masaru Daimon
Thomas H. Norstein -> Tohma H. Norstein
Yoshi Fujieda -> Yoshino Fujieda
Keenan Crier -> Ikuto Noguchi
Commander Richard Sampson -> Captain Satsuma
Homer Yushima -> Hiroshi Yushima
Spencer Damon -> Suguru Daimon
Kristy Damon -> Chika Daimon
Sarah Damon -> Sayuri Daimon
DNA -> Digisoul
Digimon Data Squad -> Digital Accident Tactics Squad

Digimon Xros Wars

Digimon Xros Wars (Xros is pronounced cross) is the sixth entry of the Digimon anime franchise, known in the US as Digimon Fusion and elsewhere as Digimon Fusion Battles.

In this show, a human named Taiki, along with his friends Akari and Zenjiro, were enjoying their break time after school when odd distortions are making havoc in the city. Suddenly he hears a sound that seems like it was calling for help. When he "connects" with this sound, another mysterious voice came out to give him the Xros Loader to save this sound. The three are dragged into the Digital World, and the sound gets reformed to his real state, Shoutmon. As it turns out, the Digital World has split into different Zones, and Shoutmon was fighting for his Zone (Green Zone) against the forces of the Bagra Army who had taken over because the enemy general stationed in Green Land had taken the Code Crown. And so Taiki, Shoutmon and the others start to form Xros Heart to stop the Bagra Army and liberate the other Lands, and possibly even reunite the Digital World whole again... all while facing other armies with human leaders.

The way the dub handled the show is... unsatisfying to say the least. It is best to watch this show subbed (either through RyuuRogue or through Crunchyroll). The dub feels like it's trying to be so 90's, and what's more, you lose a lot of the amazingness that is Wada Kouji's music - Xros Wars is rife with insert songs.

You can however watch the English dubbed version over on Netflix if you wish.

Translation Guide:

JP -> EN (last names are kept)
Xros Wars -> Fusion
Taiki Kudou -> Tyson
Akari Hinomoto -> Angie
Zenjirou Tsurugi -> Jeremy
ChibiKamemon -> ChibiTortomon
Bastemon -> Beastmon (wat)
Revolmon -> Deputymon
Beelzebumon -> Beelzemon
Xros Heart -> Fusion Fighters
Kiriha Anouma -> Christopher
Twilight -> Midnight
DarkKnightmon -> AxeKnightmon (wat)
Yuu Amano -> Ewan
Bagramon -> Lord Bagra (wat)
Lilithmon -> Laylamon (apparently Laylamon was originally used for dub, then reverted to Lilithmon some time, then as of Fusion, reverted back again to Laylamon)
Baalmon -> Reapmon
Evilmon -> Vilemon
AncientVolcanomon -> AncientVolcamon
Mugendramon -> Machinedramon

Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leapt Through Time

This is Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leapt Through Time (mouthful huh?) also known as Digimon Fusion: Season 3 (Season 1 - 2 was the first two arcs of the original Xros Wars) in the west.

This season is part of Digimon Xros Wars however many consider it to be a new season due to the new progaonists added and it being a different story entirely similar to Digimon Adventure 02.

Again, I welcome contributions for this section and the translation guide section (assuming it is needed) otherwise I'll update this section once I have researched it more and/or watched the series myself.

Digimon Adventure Tri

This is Digimon Adventure Tri, the 3rd and final season of Digimon Adventure except it's not a season. It's a set of 6 OVAs with the first due to be released at the end of this year in Japan. I shall update this section more as more information is released about the plot and any possible new characters and such.


Digimon Adventure

This is the first Digimon movie which aired in Japan on March the 6th 1999, 1 day before the anime started airing and serves as a prequel to the anime series.

It stars a young Tai and Kari as they meet their first Digimon and are put on track to becoming Digidestined.

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!

This is the second Digimon movie that happens sometime after the battle against Apocalymon.

It has cameos of many of the Digidestined but primarily focuses on Tai, Izzy, Matt and TK as they fight on the internet against a Digimon that intends to wreck havoc against the world using the power of the internet.

Translation Guide:
EN -> JP
Omnimon -> Omegamon
Diabormon -> Diablomon

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! / Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals

These are a two part movie set in the Adventure 02 timeline at some point.

They are probably the most controversal movies as many things shown in them don't fit with the timeline of the series and include many inconsistencies along with animation errors and so on.

In this movie, Kari and TK are visiting Mimi in America before she suddenly disappears right in front of them along with all the other older Digidestined who are back in Japan. After meeting another Digidestined with a Terriermon fighting a Digimon, they let Davis and the others know what's going on and they end up coming to America to help them out.

Translation Guide:

EN -> JP
Willis -> Wallace

Digimon: The Movie

This is the American-edited Digimon movie that edits the first 3 movies together and changes a lot to make them all fit each other as one long running storyline. involving Willis.

Some of the changes include Willis being the one who caused Diaboromon to run rampant on the internet and getting rid of the whole Mimi and the older Digidestined disappearing in the Adventure 02 movie.

Even if you don't like the movie, it does have a good soundtrack at least! :D

Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diaboromon

The final Adventure 02 movie known in Japan as Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back.

It focuses on the return of Diaboromon as he decides to wreck havoc on the internet again including sending smaller baby Digimon to the real world through the use of peoples phones and e-mail addresses.

Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers

The first Digimon movie not set in the Adventure universe and is instead set in the Tamers universe.

I will add more to this once I refresh my memory on this movie (or someone can submit a nice quick synopsis for me to add here)

Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon

The second tamers movie known in Japan as Digimon Tamers: Runaway Digimon Express.

This movie takes place after the end of the anime. The Tamers are planning to throw Rika a surprise party but their plans are halted as they have to deal with a train Digimon called Locomon causing trouble.

Digimon Frontier: Island of Lost Digimon

This movie is the first and only Frontier movie.

Again, I haven't watched this movie so I'll do some research on it when I get the chance. (or again, someone can help me out with it)

Digital Monster X-Evolution

This movie is an outlier compared to all the previous movies as it does not take place in any previous anime continuity, does not have humans in it at all and is done ENTIRELY using CG Animation.

Again, I haven't watched this movie (though I have seen a few clips on youtube) so I'll do some research on it when I get the chance. (or again, someone can help me out with it)

Digimon Savers: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!!

The first and only movie set during Digimon Savers.

The plot revolves around Agumon, Lalamon and Gaomon who are on their own as all humans in the city including their partners are put into an eternal sleep due to some mysterious thorns


(to be completed)


(to be completed)

Credit: Boss Doggie for the Xros Wars summary.


Ok, that's my partial completion of the OT done, Iquite a bit left to do but I'll do what I can when I get time. I just wanted this up to give DigiGAF a general place to talk since up til now, we were just using whatever Digimon Tri thread was the latest one haha.

Any contributions is welcome btw. I may also replace the bold words (ie Digimon Adventure, Digimon Tamers, etc) with images to better separate each series in the future but for now, I think this works.

Any suggestions or contributions, I'll add when I get time as well. :D

edit: Thanks to dark_inferno for noticing my mess up, I wrote Tai, Izzy, Matt and Izzy in the Our War Game description.

This is what I get for doing so much of this during the one session. (I did half of the OT last night and the other half including movies over the last 2 - 3 hours >_< )


Great work!
I wonder if you will add all games or just those that got official translated.

My aim is to add all the games possible. The descriptions for some may be bare bones though, just like with the anime I haven't played ALL the games so half my info will be from wikis or google.


Great OP!

I just wanted to stop by and subscribe but I'll definitely be popping in here frequently.

Also, still salty about Sora.

Boss Doggie

all my loli wolf companions are so moe
I'm gonna help out on Xros Wars since I'm one of the diehard fans of it.

What do you need for it?


I'm gonna help out on Xros Wars since I'm one of the diehard fans of it.

What do you need for it?

Just like with the other series I've listed (see the op), a short synopsis/premise of the story. Nothing too big but while I've watched the first 30 episodes of Xros Wars, I have forgotten every little thing I knew about it lol.
Awesome OP.

Only watched Digimon Savers subbed. First time seeing the name changes in the dub. Some of them are random as hell and make me laugh.
Really wish they'd done a second patch with the original terminology. I never followed the dub so I tend to get a little lost. Amazing work, either way.

They have. There's a sub option for Japanese names and Dub option for English names. At least that's what I think it's there for.
On a side note: I prefer the top down look of digimon world 1.
I missed this, but now I'm in this.

Now to get the first page mandatory items out of the way:
  • Tamers best season
  • Terriermon best Digivolution line
  • Marcus and Agumon best pairing
  • End of 02 and Tri marketing tie for best troll job


I missed this, but now I'm in this.

Now to get the first page mandatory items out of the way:
  • Tamers best season
  • Terriermon best Digivolution line
  • Marcus and Agumon best pairing
  • End of 02 and Tri marketing tie for best troll job
I don't know...

I'll give you Marcus and Agumon for best OTP outside the superior original Agumon Tag, but Terriermon for best evolution line? Mate, come on. Rabbit, rodent, gun turret thing versus Veemon. You know the truth.
Now to get the first page mandatory items out of the way:
  • Terriermon best Digivolution line

Agree with everything but this. Terriermon has 2 pretty meh digivolutions. Off the top of my head, I would put Patamon (with or without Seraphimon), Guilomon (even though Gallantmon doesn't really fit the digivolution), Renamon (maybe my favorite digivolution line outside of Taomon), and Gaomon above it.


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Hey guys looks like ChaosDukemon is a Tamashii Web Shouten exclusive. BiJ has it up already but... Blue Wave has been distributing them all locally, like Metalgarurumon on Amazon. I guess it's safe to wait? Don't want to get stuck paying a higher price with BiJ again :x I did get Wargreymon from the Crunchyroll store since they are often cheaper, but I heard you do have to wait a bit to get them after release.
Oh shoot I need this!! I'm behind on my D-Arts/SH Figuarts, so I don't have the regular Dukemon, but this I'll need to pre-order :x
Eh, I prefer the original version, don't own it though.
In no version of the multiverse is Tamers the best season.
Guys please don't start this.
So which season is the best then?
Savers is great, but not best.
Tamers is the best season.
2nd best.
I fell in love with Digimon while I would do my homework in High School but it wasn't until Tamers that I realized just how much I really loved the series.

There was something fun about Digimon Adventure that made it both similar and different than Pokemon that I liked. I never really thought one was better than the other, just different. Adventure 02 was great too and I ended up buying one of the revamped digivice toys (I ended up with a Takeru-styled one, as it was green and white) and had fun using it as my pedometer while raising my digimon.

Tamers was the one that really captured my imagination, mostly due to the use of cards being able to give temporary abilities to the digimon. I remember wanting one of the digivices but preferred the look of the Japanese ones (which looked closer to the anime) versus the NA one (the center buttons were colored differently) but never bought it.

Finally, I'm really fond of Our War Game! both due to the story itself (yes, I shipped Tai/Sora back when I watched, still do I admit) but also the look of the movie itself thanks to Mamoru Hosoda. When watching Summer Wars, it was rather funny basically seeing a longer version of Our War Game! playing out - minus any digimon.
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