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Digital Foundry - Streets of Rage 4 - Switch and Xbox One tested (they’re awesome!)

Nov 5, 2016
One Big Room, Full Of Bad Bitches

Rich and John ( D dark10x ) break down the Swich and Xbox One versions of this awesome game

In our recent Streets of Rage 4 coverage, we only had access to the PS4 and Steam PC versions before launch. With the game now available, John and Rich round off the coverage with a detailed look at the Switch and Xbox One versions.

We did get the Windows Store PC version running after we recorded this video and you can read about that here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/di...

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Switch is silky smooth 60fps with maybe just an occasional hitch here or there. Can use single joycon as controller

Our verdict? It's a masterpiece....

To cut to the chase though, the number one question we've been asked since the embargo lifted concerns the quality of the Switch release - and with good reason, as this style of game would make for a brilliant handheld experience. Here, we can report that the title is totally identical to the PlayStation 4 release. Whether you're playing docked or in mobile mode, frame-rate is locked to 60 frames per second and the game's visual make-up is the same too. Even the graphics menu is fully present and correct on Nintendo's console/portable hybrid. Just like the other consoles, four-player local co-op is supported, and as you may hope, two users can each grab a single Joycon to get in on the action with no extra pads required.

Xbox and Win10 (same game) have missing graphical options. Steam version has all the features

Blitworks handled the Xbox version and as you would hope, it's just as good as the PS4 and Switch builds, with one exception: the graphics menu is severely pared back. It's a curious omission, but definitely not down to system limitations - some of the selectable effects in the menu manifest within the game anyway, and they're still there on Xbox, they're just not available as user selectable options


The graphics menu situation is just as confusing on PC. The Steam rendition of the game has all of the options found on PS4 and Switch, along with some extra graphics tweakables and a low latency mode. However, if you grab the game from the Windows Store, you seem to get some kind of offshoot of the Xbox version. Again, the game still plays exactly as it should, it's still brilliant. However, once again, the graphics menu is missing options, and that's not totally ideal. You get luminosity, screen shake, full-screen, v-sync, low latency and max frame skip options, but much of the cool stuff from the Steam build is absent.

Win10 version has crashing issues as well

It took some time to confirm this because - once again - we encountered issues running software from the Windows Store. On one machine, Streets of Rage 4 would simply quit after loading. Installing on another PC worked out.
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Jul 18, 2013
XBOX version of the game is missing graphical feature options and the Windows store version has problems running. How did this happen!?

Yeah. While those options are only nice-to-haves it quickly makes the Xbox version the worst of the four.

Edit: Windows version lacks them as well, being based on the Xbox version apparently.
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Apr 27, 2020
I will try it out. It’s free on gamepass. Let’s see if it’s really that bad on one X