DigitalFoundry analysis of DOOM for Nintendo Switch

Mar 25, 2015
Please note there is no actual footage of the Switch build in this video

For off-screen footage running on the Switch handheld please check this thread instead


They're impressed, but it's 30fps

Port by "Switch experts" Panic Button, who are also doing the Rocket League port

All of his impressions are based on playing in UNDOCKED mode

  • Most ambitious cross platform Switch port yet
  • "Utterly insane, how did they do that?"
  • Post process pipeline mostly intact
  • 30fps cap was "inevitable"
  • Depth of field reduced but not removed
  • Resolution is lower on Switch, dynamic, unsure of exact count
  • Reduced textures
  • "It's a good port!"
He's really looking forward to testing the final Switch version because he believes it will demolish a PC with equivalent specs

Final word:
"Bottom line, I've played a respectable looking version of DOOM on what is effectively a tablet. And that is seriously impressive."
Here's the writeup

Judged on its own terms, Doom on Switch could be a winner based on our gameplay tests so far - but our hands-on was entirely handheld-based. On the one hand, we expect more consistent performance and improved resolution when docked, but on the other, playing on the big screen may highlight the cutbacks more. We'll just have to see. However, the basic idea of bringing Doom - and indeed Wolfenstein 2 - to Switch is just so ambitious, we have to applaud the developers for the effort. Hopefully the final code will deliver.
Nov 9, 2007
They're impressed, that is all I need to know. It will be fine at a solid 30 FPS. 60 is better but I can live with 30 and I am sure it will get a performance patch in the future just like every other Switch game that had frame rate issues.
Aug 22, 2014
I'm not even a big 60 frames or nothing kinda guy (I only have an Xbox One lmao)

But as cool as having portable DOOM is, it needs to be 60. Most games dont need it, but I really feel DOOM does.
I'm also not a big '60fps is vital for good gamelan!!!!' guy, actually I'm of the opinion most people who go on about should just fuck off, but yeah, DOOM really is one of those titles that needs it.

Not gonna lie, this would be a deal breaker for me.
Jan 6, 2009
Manchester, England
I remember people on here saying NBA 2K wouldn't be any good on Switch at 30fps.

Turned out it looks, plays and feels great.

Of course, 60fps is preferred and better but it's not a killer when porting to a far less powerful console, and having 30fps is clearly a necessary sacrifice to putting Doom on a portable piece of hardware in the first place.
Jun 23, 2012
Figures, Bethesda would be shouting from the rooftops if it ran at 60 fps.

Unfortunately I'll have to pass as 30 fps games in first person make me nauseous.
Nov 9, 2007
We already knew some of these triple A 3rd party titles would have to be downgraded to play on a tablet no? It is still Doom and still looks good. I am sure it will play and look just fine especially on the tablet while on the go.