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Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest (3DS) getting a stealth Nintendo Selects release in NA?

Edit (thanks oldmario!):

i saw this on reddit the other day but i don't know if it's a early release or if it's out already


Well, that's random. If so, this is the first 3rd-party game to ever get one in NA (Ubisoft had a line a Wii games get Nintendo Selects releases a few years ago).

Trev did leak a second set of Nintendo Selects were happening later in the year at around "Fall-Holiday". Hmm...
I think I heard that it did very well thanks to being basically the only frozen game available at the time.
Not sure if a $20 re-release is smart, though
nvm, it's $9.99


Disney, we want to make a movie with you.

Ok, but only if you make the olaf game a nintendo selects.

Isn't it that game which sold a crapton more in the DS version than in the 3DS one? I remember some dev's commentary on this topic.

EDIT: Yup. Frozen: Olaf’s Quest on DS outsells 3DS SKU

“We thought Frozen would be our last title on DS to be honest. Nintendo hasn’t been manufacturing the console for a few years, but we thought that there is a big user base our there, and there is a second hand, hand-me-down market for the old DS consoles,” Reynolds says. “We launched Olaf’s Quest on DS and it’s still outselling 3DS. And we’ve got Disney’s next big film out in January, Big Hero 6, and we’re bringing that out on 3DS and DS. If you’d said to me 18 months ago you’d be bringing out a DS product in January 2015 I’d have laughed.”


i saw this on reddit the other day but i don't know if it's a early release or if it's out already

8 cents? What a deal!

In all seriousness, though, I don't know if this game well, but it's Frozen on an easily accessible system. I'm sure the game itself is garbage, but saleswise, I can see this being a 3rd Party "Selects" game. It'd be a bit weird if this is the only one, though. If it is, then it's suddenly weird again; the 3DS has had enough 3rd Party support for something else to go on sale like this.
I'm not trusting Nintendo Selects EVER again, they seem to judge games based on popularity.

Then again, I never bought a Nintendo Select.
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