Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy (PSP) announced

John Harker

Definitely doesn't make things up as he goes along.
I hope it's better than the first one.

I keep buying and yet keep finding myself disappointed with Square's PSP efforts.
They all... I don't know, feel the same. Similar graphics, similar mission-based, fan-servicey, pretty but not felt to be a huge experiences. Third Birthday also looks to fit into this.

Exception is FFT: WoTLs of course. Tis worth a PSP alone.
Awesome, I loved Dissidia 1, and while it had some issues it was still a great game. I hope they can continue to improve, plus I am happy that Lightning is in, don't care so much for Kain though.
Well, no real surprise, there was basically a bunch of stuff setting up for a new Dissidia for a while now.

I'm a bit disappointed that they stuck with the PSP though. Ah well....
Really liked the first one for the forty hours I put into it, I should probably beat the story mode or whatever. Interested in this, but more interested in whatever they add/change to the gameplay than new characters.
Just saw a scan... there appears to be a Gestalt mode gauge on a screenshot with Lightning. Probably her EX Burst...

EDIT: Just looked at it again, and she's definitely holding Odin's twin swords, though Odin is obviously nowhere to be found.
i didn't like the first one. they should make the game more arcadey ala gundam vs gundam and focus on good battle mechanics and soundtrack instead. that story mode in the first was retarded and so was leveling up. i can understand having one or two unlocks per character but don't make me grind
Nice. Loved the first and will gladly be there for this one. Although the name doesn't exactly roll off my tongue. Kinda makes me want to say "dewey decimal".