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Divinity: Original Sin 2 |OT| Dragons & Dungeon Mastering


Sep 5, 2016

"The Divine is dead. The Void approaches. And the powers latent within you are soon to awaken.
The battle for Divinity has begun. Choose wisely and trust sparingly; darkness lurks within every heart."

Developer & Publisher: Larian Studios
Release date: 14th September 2017 (worldwide)
Platforms: PC (Windows) GOG + Steam
Genre: 3D CRPG
Price: £29.99/$44.99/44,99€
Players: Single + multiplayer
(online co-op up to 4 players, local co-op max. 2 players)

8800 AR - Divinity: Dragon Commander
0004 AR - Divinity: Original Sin
1218 AD - Divine Divinity
Divinity: Original Sin 2 ← current timeline
1238 AD - Beyond Divinity
1300 AD - Divinity II

Generations after the events of Divinity: Original Sin,
the upstart Bishop Alexandar the Innocent has declared Source the sole preserve of the Divine Order.
Sourcerers are now criminals, and those suspected of having Source powers are hunted, apprehended,
and forcibly purged of their powers -- leaving only empty bodies, devoid of emotion or free will, behind.

Four burgeoning Sourcerers from around the realm are each a victim of Alexandar's pogrom.
There's a bounty on your head. Divine Order magisters are hunting you.
You don't know who to trust, and the world is anything but your friend.

To save yourself, you'll need to take on the greatest Sourcerer the world has ever known.
You'll have to negotiate betrayal and deceit, the politics of a world tearing itself apart,
and deal with your own Source powers.

Travelling through majestic cities, dangerous wastelands, lost temples, and war-torn battlefields,
you will be looking for a way to defeat Alexandar, discovering that the only way lies deep within yourself.

It will be, without a doubt, the journey of a lifetime.

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the award-winning RPG. Gather your party.
Master deep, tactical combat. Join up to 3 other players - but know that only one of you will have the chance to become a God.

Mature storyline
A much requested feature from feedback of the original game is less tongue-in-cheek and more grounded in reality storytelling.
As a result, Larian has stepped it up by making this world seem more believable with mature themes and tones.
Bleaker colour pallet, more gore, bigger and more powerful spells, social and political issues in-game and much more.

Origin stories
As you make your character, or choose from one, this time around you can tag him/her with an Origin story such as Red Prince.
But also with tags such as Rogue or Barbarian, and these tags will alter the way NPCs will react to you, availability of quests and some story events.
This is an optional part of the character creation process though it is highly recommended to choose tags to get more out of the game than you normally would.
You also pick an instrument your hero/heroine has throughout the game and then suitable music plays upon reaching a pivotable moment for that character.

Dungeon Master mode
The successor to the classic Neverwinter Nights DM system, D:OS2 takes it multiple steps further by allowing you to completely and totally
(re)create scenarios from original or pre-made assets.
You can build and share maps, characters, story events and as DM, on-the-fly change what happens to your dungeoneers through the powerful toolsets
that allows you to do almost anything you want with just a few clicks of a button.
As a dungeoneer, play along with your DM's crafted story, or go against the meta and play as your own and see how the DM will react accordingly!
The possibilities are, quite literally, endless with this mode (well, unless you run out of hard drive space, I suppose...)

Summoning and Totems
As a Conjurer, you can summon creatures from the Void but also now, summon Elemental Totems to aid in your battles.
Choose from a variety of Totems including the Flaming Totem, and these will act as "turrets" in fights that automatically fire on enemies per turn.
They're powerful spells for the summoner so feel free to mix'n'match different elements to really create havock with the spell elemental system.

"Polymorphs are inspired by nature and their magic takes some of the best and worst aspects of other creatures and puts them to combat use.
For example, you can grow wings and fly over surfaces, and then chain that with the Flight skill for longer distance flight.
The Polymorph combat ability gives players one free Attribute Point to your avatar for every Ability Point invested."
One such spell, aptly named Chicken Claw, lets you turn any foe into a chicken. Others let you grow wings and fly, or cloak yourself in shadow to become invisible!

Talk to the dead, or rip their faces off
You can choose a skill that will let that character talk to spirits i.e. ghosts, who in turn can provide the party information about a quest, lore, or even begin new quests.
You can also obtain Source points from devouring a corpse to be used in battle. Additionally, if you have an Elf you can eat corpses for information that way.
Alternatively, the Undead race can literally rip the face off the corpse and use that as a shapeshifting mask.
This mask will let you wonder around without people freaking out or attacking at the sight of a spooky scary skeleton walking abouts.
Bonus: Undead also have a literal skeleton key; essentially infinite number of lockpicks as they use their finger to open those pesky locks!

Multiplayer co-op & PVP
Yes, there is PVP in this game. 'How' might you ask. Well, mighty inquisitor, just because you're co-oping it out with your friend, it doesn't mean you have to be goody-two-shoes all the time.
You can stop quest sharing and then plot against your own friend with or without them knowing, additionally with the aid of quests that might require you to assassinate your friend.
Lead them into a trap, blow them up in a mist of poison, or brutally murder them as they're in the middle of a conversation;
it's really up to you how you end their miserable life.
And if this sounds too harsh, or not exciting enough, you can duke it out online with or without randoms in the new Arena mode,
which is just exactly as it sounds like.
You vs. them on selected maps, pick a class and use the best of their abilities to best ye foes.

Next-Gen Tech
Powered by Divinity Engine 3.0, the game will utilise features such as physics-based rendering,
cloth physics and an all-new dynamic music system.

And lots more...!

Q. Do I need to play the original Original Sin to understand this game?
A. Short answer: no.
This game takes place 1200 years after the previous game and as a result alot of the lore has been re-written,
added and taken away.

Q. Is this 4 player co-op?
A. Yes! This game has drop-in drop-out, seamless 4 player co-op
where the choices you made during your own character's backstory will play out still.

Q. So I can create 4 characters?
A. Not exactly. You create one main hero/heroine, but through the hiring of henchmen,
you can fully customise the three other party members.

Q. Is there controller support?
A. Full controller support for standard Microsoft controllers.
Unsure about DS4 at this time.

Q. I hear there's full voice acting, is there?
A. Yup. Every single talkable NPC is voiced. Over one million words.

Q. Who is the music composer this time around?
A. Borislav Slavov, former Crytek. RIP Kirill Pokrovsky. Also, the soundtrack is fully orchestrated along with classic remakes of previous games' tracks.

These are based on Early Access estimates.
OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550 or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 6XXX or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 25 GB available space

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or AMD R9 280
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 25 GB available space

Official website
Larian Vault
'Game Master Mode reveal' update video
'Reveal of the Undead' stream
'Origin Stories - The Red Prince'
'Origin Stories - Lohse'
'Origin Stories - Beast'
'Origin Stories - Sebille'
'Origin Stories - Ifan'
'Origin Sotires - Fane'
'Feature' trailer

Divinity Discord

Kickstarter that started it all :)

Special thanks to Naito for assistance!


Jan 20, 2012
Awwww yes. Can't wait for the full thing to be out tomorrow, convinced another two friends to pick it up after my brother and I streamed some of the Early Access. So happy to have been a backer for this!


Jun 3, 2013
Great OP, good job!

Really excited to both play this solo and with friends, even the D&D mode sounds wonderful. I haven't really delved into the details of everything on purpose, aside from a few backer videos, so I'm very curious about all the stuff they have added.


'enry 'ollins
Jul 11, 2011
Absolutely loved the first D:OS despite its well-documented flaws. I've been loosely following the development of this one, and I have to say, Swen's enthusiasm is infectious. It really feels like he wants to make the best game he can, business value be damned.


The flight plan I just filed with the agency list me, my men, Dr. Pavel here. But only one of you!
Jun 9, 2011
New york
Looking forward to this, really hope I don't give up early like the first game because I kept wiping to trash skeleton mobs and couldn't figure out why I was so bad.


Apr 27, 2017
This will be probably on the best, or the best RPG since The Witcher 3 2 years ago.
Can't wait.


Jul 15, 2010
Was hoping to finish the ee version of the first one but only got to second area.

Will still download this for when I am done 😀


Junior Member
Jun 25, 2013
The first game was fun but after awhile, I stopped because I didn't feel like the story and characters kept me motivated to keep playing. Does the sequel have more interesting story and such?


Dec 21, 2012
The sequel is less "goofy" and more mature, grounded in reality. ALOT of people have been saying the writing and story is instantly more gripping and I agree.

They said they tripled their writing staff too, which obviously isn't an instant assumption of increased quality, but it shows they at least took the criticisms seriously.


Feb 10, 2012
4PM BST/10AM CDT release time tomorrow, can't wait!

Well that's unfortunate. Was hoping for a midnight, or at the latest 3AM release. Guess I'll just sleep instead.

If there is no Jahan resolution then this game is incomplete.

He might have been influential in making the sourcerers rise back into prominence. If so, they'll almost certainly touch upon that at some point.
Hell, he might even be the final boss.


Aug 1, 2013
Weirdly enough, I backed this originally on Kickstarter, and I finally downloaded the game two days ago only because I remembered that I had access to the game. I literally had no fucking idea it was coming out tomorrow. I really need to beat the first game lol.


Mar 4, 2014
Just to make us all feel a bit more warm and fuzzy inside here are a couple of quotes from just before D:OS released from the man himself in his blog...

I’m doing the press tour thing again, spending some time in the US, France, Poland and Russia, demoing the game to several media outlets.

I need to admit that I did pretty much everything I could think of to avoid this particular tour. I really didn’t want to go because I was loath to leave my family behind.

While I still don’t know if Game Informer will write about us in their magazine, I do know that if we hadn’t made the trip to bitter-cold Minneapolis, the reporters over there wouldn’t have paid a lot of attention to Divinity:Original Sin, if at all.
We decided on doing another preview tour this late in development (which really is the most inopportune of times) because it became clear that there are still a lot of journalists out there who think of Divinity:Original Sin as a Diablo clone or a Diablo clone with tactical combat. This despite all the videos, walkthroughs, early access content and previews being out there. Better make that, despite the truckload of videos, walkthroughs, early access content and previews out there.

It makes me despair some times and tbh a bit worried too.

The problem seems to be that the game has a top-down perspective and turn-based combat in its first 5 mins of gameplay. This apparently is sufficient to classify the game as just-another-generic-fantasy-rpg-clone not worth spending time on.

Honestly, I didn’t believe it when somebody first told me about this line of reasoning, but by now I do because I’ve heard it repeated so many times.

Because there are so many games coming out, an hour is pretty much the maximum you can hope for when sending out preview code. And apparently that’s already a lot.

Anyway, the good thing is that whenever we do manage to grab a reporter and put him or her through the “torture” of a D:OS demo, they do eventually understand that there’s more than meets the eye, and because we usually exceed their expectations, we get some excitement.

But it does leave us with a real problem.

I asked one of the reporters who was very vocal about how happy he was that I showed him Divinity:Original Sin’s depth what we were doing wrong.

He replied that he wouldn’t have tried half the stuff I showed him because he would’ve assumed that we didn’t support it and instead jump to the conclusion that the game was broken.

It reminded me strongly of something another journalist had told me. During a demo, I think at the German magazine Gamestar, I was told that we’d probably have to re-educate players because they’re not used to this type of gameplay anymore, conditioned as they seem to be by all the streamlining games go through nowadays.

I thought of this again when I watched this youtuber the other day. I cringed when I saw how he missed out on a couple of key features. I also cringed when I saw how he ended his video, which while typical, is also the reason why so much potential innovation has been stiffled by the gatekeepers at the ruling class of old, i.e. the majority of publishers.


Lots of quotes but much more at the link. I'm so glad D:OS was the success it was. The confidence it gave Swen has resulted in a wonderful sequel :)

Happy chickens make the best eggs.


Sep 9, 2014
I've been holding myself back for a long time with the EA build, I've only dabbled in the character creator because I don't want to spoil myself. Only game I've been looking forward to this year. Only one day to go!

I think I'm going with an undead dwarf.


Mar 4, 2014
I've been holding myself back for a long time with the EA build, I've only dabbled in the character creator because I don't want to spoil myself. Only game I've been looking forward to this year. Only one day to go!

I think I'm going with an undead dwarf.

I was organising read books into a backpack earlier when it hit me. Why?


Jul 3, 2010
I've been playing OS a lot in anticipation for this.. too hype for tomorrow night 🤘🏾


Aug 29, 2013
No one has as many friends as the man with many cheeses!

So hype for this game, used EA to decide my party build but other than that I haven't touched the game at all.


Nov 10, 2015
Wow, I feel stupid. I totally misunderstood the origins. I thought these were companions that you could recruit, but they are your own origins, which will affect the story and your own goals?

That's really cool.


Jun 28, 2017
Fantastic OP!! I loved the first one and can't wait for this. I'm planning to play this with a friend in co-op. I know we probably won't even get close to finishing it together because it's long and so little free time these days but we'll try haha BUT if he kills me to complete a quest there will be hell to pay!


Nov 14, 2014
This game will battle Yakuza Zero for my GOTY. Can't wait to kick off. Played EA for about 20 hours till decided to wait for the full release. Between this game, NBA games and Yakuza Kiwami I won't have time for anything else for a while.


Jul 24, 2009
Wow, I feel stupid. I totally misunderstood the origins. I thought these were companions that you could recruit, but they are your own origins, which will affect the story and your own goals?

That's really cool.

They're both! The origns you don't pick will be the rest of recruitable characters for your party.