DJ Max 2 (PC Version)

Seeing as there are so many DJ Max fans i'm surprised i haven't seen anything about this here.

For those who don't know DJ Max originally appeared on the PC. The game kinda works like a MMO and its free to play, although some songs are premium and you have to pay for it. It supports battle games for up to 6 players so i thought we could maybe do some games :)

If anyone is interested the official website is here:

You can download it here:

Create an account here:

When you run the game, here's the translation of the first dialog:

Also feel free to add me to the buddy list. Nick is Metalmurphy
And here's a translation of the Messenger/Buddy list on the game:

Also, some youtube movies that i made of the game:

If you have any questions just ask :p
Done, I already sent you a friend request as "MoodyShuffle."

So far, I'm getting into it pretty easy, though adjusting to using it with an upside down beatmania controller is something else. I still keep moving to scratch when I see the red notes.
it doesnt work ,the download link says something then sends me to a login. creating account is wierd at second step it takes me to this page with a scroll down thing that doesnt work and when i click it says something
"so how can you tell which songs are not free, the ones that you download?"

When you're selecting a song, click the third tab, all the way on the right. That will filter out all the non-premium songs.