Do you care about your post count?

I used to. No longer. I haven't even checked it in over a year.

Oddly enough I do care about the "posts per day" calculation. Not a lot, but enough that I checked it in the past year or so.


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I wish I knew how many posts I've made then didn't hit the submit button. My post count would be 2-3 times higher than it is.
Legit don't know how many I have and I'm sure 90% of them would be shit posts about league of legends, wrestling, how awful Nintendo is, or how dumb people are for thinking that it's offensive to make link a girl
I like how the average posts per day give you a good idea of how much you're using the site and engaging in the community. Neogaf is pretty much the only forum I use so all of my online activity is captured here.