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Do You Compliment Other People with Same Sex as Yourself?


It was a little weird when an older dude at the post office complimented my shitty skater shoes. Like, he had to be looking from a ways away to see over the counter before I stepped up. Well...I thought they were pretty cool shoes too, so it was kinda nice to hear.
Wasn’t sure if this was a masturbating question or not.

I compliment other females, I don’t see a problem with it, and I’ve been complimented by other females. We can get away with it without anyone thinking we are all lesbians just because we think another female is pretty. Harder time for guys, always gotta be that homosexual feeling when you compliment another man’s looks.


We can get away with it without anyone thinking we are all lesbians
Girls power!

Sure, why not. I'm good with my own sexuality. I did this just last weekend at a mates annual XMAS party. He's been pushing himself for 1-2 years now and invested $4K in a home gym during Covid too. Dude has massive guns now and has lost his dad belly as well as gotten back to running. I paid him a genuine compliment about his efforts. Respect. Some other mates turned it into me ribbing him, I corrected them it was a solid honest compliment. He deserves to know he's done fucking great from his mates.

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So let me see if I am reading this correctly.

A man that doesn't compliment another man is in the closet or a bigot?
No, I am saying some people make a big deal out of it and think that they are getting hit on or that only women are allowed to hit on men and vice versa. and that it's weird if a guy complements another guy, when it's simply someone respecting someone else's high maintance level or care of their body.


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I have a confession to make. I've done it once and never will again.

This upper middle aged guy came into my work and I knew that he'd been pretty sick a while back so I greeted him and said he was looking pretty good. He looked at me like I'd just asked him to go into the bathroom with me and he was deciding whether to accept, so I started getting nervous and tried to clarify saying, "You know...healthy...energetic." I guess that put him off the idea but when he left he gave me the "too long handshake."

That was the last time. It wasn't a huge upsetting event or anything, but I'm not exactly missing out.


The things brought up in this thread make me feel like I've been transported to the 90s lol...

I'm happy to compliment good looking people of either sex, no skin off my back I'm good looking enough and have an enoooormous wang.


I must be the biggest careless slut on this earth. I’m constantly complimenting people I know when they’re looking good. There are very little things that I appreciate more on this earth than people looking good. We need to boost everyone as much as possible. AMPLIFY BEAUTY, PEOPLE.

Can’t believe the guy who says he doesn’t because of Western media? What the fuck does that mean? How fucking insure can one be?
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If any of my mates said "here RJ my man, you be looking gud" id think what's that cunt upto.. maybe its a young guys thing but certainly not in my age group or circle you don't compliment each others looks unless its to take the piss, as a fellow poster above stated, sure if one of them was working out, dropped some weight and gained some nice guns.. you'd say something along the lines of "fuck me lad, wouldnt want to spill yer pint" but if im with a gay lad and he points out a good looking fella sure id probably respond "aye he'd get well bucked"..


Somewhere along the way, I pretty much stopped commenting on anyone's appearance. Say it once, that person might wonder why you've never said it before and are saying it now. Say it too often, it becomes disingenuous...or your ugly friend in the group might feel shitty for never getting any positive comments. My group is pretty much all old as fuck now, so this has been the natural progression of things anyway. Nowadays, I just keep my compliments to something you've accomplished.


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To be serious.

I generally try not to comment on people's looks as far as their physique, weight, whatever. It's just sort of.. a pointless thing to share, and can be taken in many different ways.

Hot people don't really need to be told they are hot, and saying someone who isn't hot "looks good" is really a backhanded way of saying "you didn't look so good before" lol..

I'd rather compliment someone's style if anything.. a haircut is also not off limits. Particularly when a woman changes her hair it's good to notice it.
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