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Do You Compliment Other People with Same Sex as Yourself?


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This thread challenges the "green rat mods" thread by kretos kretos with how gay it is.

And yes i compliment a lot of you fuckers here, so I do that even more in real life. Because I know how encouragement from same sex as me helped me. Not really about looks tho, because I sort of agree with this:

But fatness/thinness/swolness is not really a thing about looks and I do that. But not like "nice face bro".
imaginary situation about such compliment made me laugh

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Times like this thread i wish GAF was like Myspace where you could go to a page and hear music while you read. This thread would no doubt have this song playing ayyyyyyeeeeee



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No, god no
I've never even thought about it
I mean clothing..yes but a physical trait?
Nah, plus my ego is too big to think someone looks better than me
Maybe. If (for example) a male acquaintance had great arms that I was jealous of, I might say they're impressive and try to find out how he built them.
I would be sure to say it in a VERY non-gay way though. Wouldn't want to create any awkward moments.

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Well here's your first mistake, nobody wants to hear your fucking creepy opinion of their body. Check that, it's not a mistake, you at least announce your self to be a completely unselfaware childperson that has no concept of boundaries or social graces. Go fuck yourself.
Did someone take your candy today ?
I love complementing bro's, we don't get enough compliments as is and it feels good to see a positive reaction to that, now what I absolutely love is complementing guys that are either homophobic or just insecure, shit cracks me up seeing them stutter "That's g g g gay bro, I'm not about that shit!". Someone saying your hair looks good or telling that to someone isn't gonna turn you gay lmao.
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