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Do you consider Minecraft to be within the top 10 games of all time?


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There is no doubt the game is successful. Personally tho, I consider it to be one of the most boring games ever made and don't let me start with the fandom, they are one of the most annoying fandoms ever, on top along with Kpop stans.
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If my kids were making a top 10 list, Minecraft would definitely be in it. Personally, it wouldn’t be in my top 100. Overrated garbage.


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Minecraft is the biggest game in the history of video games.

I have always considered it one of the greatest games ever made, but I rarely see it in the top tens from the average hardcore gamer.

There are things about Minecraft that no other game can match.
- Since everything is made of blocks, everything can be removed and created anew, every single part of the whole world is interactive and provides 100% creative control.
- One of the smart things about Minecraft is the size of the blocks, since they are relatively big, they are easy to hit and place, making reshaping the world fast and accurate.
- The core of the game (harvest, mine, craft) is so fine-tuned that it doesn't need sequels, it doesn't get outdated, it's like Tetris or Pacman, it hit upon a style of play that is hard to improve or change without breaking the game.
- Its concept of lego and building blocks appeals to how children learn the world. Minecraft is constantly recreating and building its audience as a play/learning tool for kids.

Where do you think Minecraft fits within the halls of video game greatness?
yes, i consider it.
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It's a weird thing

You can't argue that it's not relevant. Shit is still big, and with people discovering new stuff to do every single day

...thou one can argue that is basically just a Lego game and it's not really his jam


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nope, not even in my top 1000.


Kev Kev

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i do actually.

its just so enjoyable, fun, creative and gives me the feeling that im spending my time wisely when im playing, bc of the immense level of ejoymet im getting out of it. its fun with other people, by yourself, its good to relax or just listen to podcasts or music while building. there is a world to explore, stuff to find, plenty of things to do as far as mining and building go. and overall its just too good to deny and my 1000+ hours of minecraft speaks for itself.

there is A TON of stuff it doesnt do tho, and thats where i can understand people saying "no, its not top 10". its just personally in my top 10, and im sure millions of other people.


I've never cared for it. That said, given its impact, longevity, and even its flexibility, how could you not?


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No. But it's one of the top 10 most popular, sure. But I personally don't care for it at all.

Though I loved the idea of kids loving Minecraft more than them loving Fortnite. As it felt like a much better outlet for creativity and more.


Terraria is better in terms of being an actual RPG and having an actual progression system, as well as actual bosses, weapons, armor, etc.... but otherwise fuck yeah. Minecraft is an actual masterpiece of game design and it's the one game i can think of that deserves all its popularity. The actual endless creativity and gameplay possibilities that come from Minecraft is fucking wild. Even if you're not in it for survival, creative is fucking fun to fuck around with. And then the online just gives you a bunch of other people to create shit with and servers to play with. From every perspective i can think of it dominates. Fortnite on the other hand.... dear god.


Not to mention that the caves are frankly a masterpiece in atmosphere and visual design. the fact that you can enter an underground cave that manages to look so realistic and deep despite being made out of literal fucking voxels and pixel art is mad. and then they made the world generation and design somehow even crazier with the caves and cliffs update. I don't talk about it much but if it were the only game i could ever play in my life i wouldn't care that much lol


Yes, even just for creative mode.

The build possibilities are almost endless and you can create your own openwolrd. I've built giant labyrinths, complete with MASSIVE buildings dotted around like temples, castles, underground arenas etc, built replicas of real life medieval castles and huge, sprawling medieval cities and even huge underwater cities.

it's like virtual Lego and for me it's incredibly therapeutic. This makes Minecraft one of my personal all time classics.


My 11 year old son definitely does. I fkn hate the game, I think the premise is great but the look and way it controls are just obnoxious to me.


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It really is the saddest timeline if a topic like this is even remotely possible...

To me it looks like the most hideous shit ever made.
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Top 10 games of all times? It's more like kindergarten app, not a game.
My how we've come such a long way.

As someone who's heard "games are for kids" more times than I can remember. We've come full circle to the point where they're considered a "kindergarten app" instead of an actual game.

If anyone was going to make this grasp, it had to be you Bo_Hazem. It was always going to be you. 😁

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I do if only because i have a great time playing this with friends. Its a good game to lose time to when you have nothing better to do.

Though playing Solo? This game can get pretty boring pretty quickly however. (Unless youre making art in creative or something)


Well it's digital lego and that works for lots of ppl. It's a creative game for sure.
Is it for me? Nope, it looks like trash and I don't have the patience for this kind of entertainment.


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Tried to get into it a few times and failed miserably.

And that was that.... until my daughter asked me to play it with her.

She then taught me the mechanics and it became a whole new paradigm shift with layers of complexity I hadn't imagined.
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