...do you like the show "The Golden Girls?"

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I like that Tarantino made an appearance as an Elvis impersonator and that Don Cheadle was on the Golden Palace spin-off. The show itself I could do without. :)
As a kid Bea Arthur was always my favorite, while she was clearly the laughing stock to everyone else. I'm not sure what this says about me. :|
Just about what I excepted given prejudices to older folks around here. Fun show and has fairly decent fanbase, glad to see some here enjoyed it.
Haven't seen it since it was airing for the first time on TV, but I enjoyed it. I thought they were all funny, and played off each other really well. Dorothy gave the best WTF? looks on the show, and we all have that slightly-too-old-to-be-acting-that-way family member like Blanche. The play between Sophia and Rose was hilarious, too.
the creator of Arrested Development started his writing career with the Golden Girls. i like to think that's what made the dialogue so good on the show, as well as the running jokes they'd have during the episodes.
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