Do you like your body?

Or do you dislike it for some reason?

I wonder how people feel about themselves generally and what struggles they go through , if any at all and if it's not a personal thing.
Lol, no.

The last two years I basically let go and descended into a freefall into the land of Dad Bod.

I'm glad I'm not short, but that's about it.


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Height (6'2) Is good and im good in terms of a weight, would like a little less belly fat.

Need to get back into the gym. Went to the gym for like a year straight and was incredibly happy with the results, but work, social life got in the way of that. Officially starting tomorrow with a more healthy diet on top of that.

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I am going to make it through this year if it kills me
I've had body issues since I became a teenager to an old ass fuck.
I've gone all stages of weight. Overweight, then underweight, then overweight, then very underweight, and now overweight again.

I'm also very clinically depressed and suffer from anxiety.

makes dating a fucking endeavor.

Also, makes me skeptical of all kinds of weight advice, hence my very rigid science-based view on the topic.
Yes, l am tall and sexy.

I used to be a toothpick and then I found a weight room and got into fitness and weight training.

Went from 6'3", 135lbs to 6'3" 175lbs.

I would change my height, make it an even 6'4".

But I'm pretty satisfied.
No, but even fitness model-people often do not (not that I would count as one).

There is not much I really like about my appearance, but I also don't hate it. I realised years ago that my own perception is warped into the negative side of the spectrum and other people don't nearly have the same bad view as I have myself (of myself). But I'm still far from a 10/10 lol
No, but it could be worse. I was super skinny for years and then I hit 30 and wow, my gut just became self-aware lol. It's like I can't even drink one beer anymore. I'm (very) slowly getting back into shape. Three more kilos to go!
So there's that plus a million other imperfections.

But whatever, at least I'm healthy.

Kyphosis, a curve of the spine.
People don't "really" notice unless I spend a sizeable chunk of time around them, but I see it every time I get out of the shower.

Happy to be slim though. Need to build upper body.


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I wasn't a huge fan of it so I got into weight training and got ripped, love it now. It's my head I don't like but not much I can do about that.
Growing up i used to hate it and was ashamed of it. Too skinny. I just couldnt realise most people have similar/normal bodies. Maybe i compared myself too much to my older brother, who was always a gym person with a perfect physique. Or maybe i was in fact way too skinny and can't remember properly how bad it was. Just 6 months in the gym(really short time, in retrospect) fixed this problem.
I don't have many concerns for my physical appearances.

1) Wish I was taller - Currently 5'7, wish I was at least 5'10
2) I'd like to have straight hair - I have curly hair, most short hairstyles for guys cater to straight hair. I have to wear a hat after showering + combing for at least an hour to make it look tame lol
3) I've gained freshman 15 for like the third time now since high school, need to lose that shit again.
4) Hit the gym to get a toned bod after the flab has been reduced.

I do know I'm cute af though.
Best shape of my life. Blessed with tall and strong genes. 6'4 215 as of now.

Working up to the magical 220.

It's been a long and hard way from 170lbs tho.
Yeah, I do.

My teeth could be better, I could eat a little better and my hair could be thicker but I exercise, don't abuse it a lot, giving up smoking and drink water regularly.

All limbs, no disability and am toned / 5ft 10inches.

I consider myself lucky in the physical lottery of life
I hate it. I was starting to like it 3 years ago, I ate very unhealthy but had to commute on foot so I almost reached the ideal weight I dreamed of (which again is probably beyond what is reasonable). I gained that 15kgs back and more.

A year or so ago I reached a new high weight record. It doesn't help that the more I'm depressed, regarding my body or otherwise, my coping mechanism is eating :)

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It would be extreamly painful...
That's a very broad question.

In the most general terms, I like my body since it allows me to live and do things I like, like move around, eat, sleep, jerk off etc. There's nothing cripplingly wrong with it at this point, I'm not dying any time soon.

That said, it isn't without its problems. I'm fat, so it's not that attractive and there are knock on effects. I have a couple of problems with my joints which affect mobility, though not to a massive extent.

Would I trade up for a better model? Yes.
I'm a tall, natural athletic-build person. So, I have that going for me. However, I've always had skin issues and my hair is thinning at this point.

I'm also getting into the dad bod phase as the commitments of child rearing and work bear down on me, especially since I have an infant and a young autistic son.

I've put a lot of stress on my body over the years from intense weight training (olympic lifting and powerlifting) and sports. If I could do it again, I'd chill out with the really heavy weight training stuff and focus on more unstructured, movement-based training, as I've found through trial and error that this is the most effective sort of training for most sports/athletics.

Outside of it making you much more functional and resistant to injury, it also produces a very aesthetically pleasing body as a byproduct.
5'10 and around 155 so not terrible but the stress of school, work, and drinking too much last year took it's toll and I stopped working out so most of the muscle I had turned to fat. Still get dates and flings so it's not the end of the world as much as knowing I can be better and I need to get back to calorie counting and more frequent running/hiking at the least.

Main thing I hate myself for right now is smoking cigerettes as I walk around an ash tray but I've quit once and it's hard and I have too much going on for round 2 lol.
After feeling bad for a long time i am happy with myself now. I wish my brain would work less complicated so i can enjoy more things. One thing i dislike is the slow growing grey hair i have. I wish i had a full head of grey hair by now since i think it looks great on younger men (and the older ofc) but that will take some time like almost everything else.
Body, as the general bone structure, fat, muscles or the just the look of it? The look, yes. Generally I am good with my body except maybe my belly fat which is always present unless I have 5% body fat... so about never. I would like to be a bit more muscular too. That's on me being too lazy to move and little to do with my genetics though.

Edit: hair include? Higher quantities and thicker hair would be much appreciated.

Oh if the health condition of the body is included, NO. I am born hyper-sensitive to UV rays and many common material and dye for clothing. I have hives if the weather is just a bit too dry or hot or whatever. It's hell for me if any of these conditions is triggered.
It's... fine? I'm overweight but I don't have a ton of complications. I have some positional sleep apnea but it's not bad.

It's unfathomable that someone could hate themselves. I am frustrated with myself mentally moreso than physically.

EDIT: I do get some weird itching sensations during exercise though. That I hate.
I'm pretty satisfied with it, 193cm and 91kg. I go to the gym regularly but unfortunately it's pretty hard to gain any further muscle as I just can't eat enough to go higher than 91kg.