Do you like your body?

Well, talking about my body really sucked for a long time.
I was born with a condition called pectus excavatum, luckily It has no effects on my health but the aesthetics are kinda ruined.

Or so I believed, thanks to my obsession with going to the gym, I've been crafting a body I am proud of and I am slowly but surely becoming proud of this genetic defect, Its something unique to me and defines me in some ways, this fucking hole motivated me to find ways to fill it with muscle and change my posture.

I never would have imagined that I could become proud of it, lately, some ripped guys have been complimenting my chest, that brings so much joy to me :D.

But the sculpting must continue, there is much to improve.
Honestly I quite like it yeah, which is weird when you consider I dislike pretty much all other aspects of myself. I used to hate being a bean pole (6'3) as I looked borderline emaciated as a teenager but as I approach my 30s I realise that being naturally fairly skinny isn't the worst thing in the world, and I did fill out a little bit from 16 to 18.
It took a hell of a lot of overeating and lack of excercise in my early 20s to get to the point where it was noticeable on my frame, and I've always been able to lose weight fairly quickly when I put my mind to it.

I just want to get to a little below 90 kilos and then start doing weights as I think it'll look good, Gonna go for that BOBFOC look 🤓

Spanner in the works is that my hair is starting to thin and I don't think I'll look like a very good baldy
Loving the posts that end with "at least I'm (insert tall height here)" / "at least I'm not short"

I used to be obese but have gotten to the point where I have visible abs and defined cheekbones. I'm working on body recomp at this point.

But yeah, it's annoying that despite doing as much as I can to improve my body, I won't ever be taller than 5'8''. And the years of being treated differently for my acne and body fat won't really go away from my memory


Fetishing muscular manly men in skintight hosery
It's nice to get to that Bale physique but maintaining it would be a job in of itself. Actors go through all that training just for it to stay for a few weeks of shooting. They don't maintain it unless if they're regular gym users. For me that wouldn't seem worth it, I'd rather get to a physique I'm comfortable with and can maintain for a while. Body image issues don't go away cause that's down to thought processes rather than only relying on external looks. Plenty of people who get super fit but still have a negative body image, so gotta work on mentality too.
Okay, how about Ryan Gosling in that movie with Emma Stone?

I was liking it as my body was getting stronger, but then I learned weightlifting is a dangerous thing way too many people nonchalantly recommend to beginners. Injured my back carefully doing the lifting all the bros on the internet recommend, when I discovered I have degenerative disc disease and a tarlov cyst (which can be caused by weightlifting and is almost incurable). No more loading of the spine. Spent a year recovering, still recovering. Then I hurt my shoulder and learned I anatomically have a shoulder bone that scrapes against my rotator cuff, so I've been damaging that every time I do overhead or bench press or lift my arms laterally. So I haven't been able to gain muscle mass in a year.
I've had a (relatively) minor elbow injury that kicked me out of the lifting game for 8 months. I know how you feel, buddy. Can you get these issues fixed?
Yeah. I'm a male, 5'10", and very skinny but have a fast metabolism so I can eat what I want and never gain a pound. I like that. If ever notice myself becoming overweight, I would do something about it, though.
I guess I'm ... fine with it.

I have my complaints, and certainly don't have what I would ideally have body wise, but generally speaking I don't look in the mirror and go 'ACK', except for when I have a breakout.

35 and still endlessly battling acne, pain in da butt, though I finally do have a routine that seems to keep it down. So that's a plus.
Not really. I'm 6ft so that's fine, but I got a belly that a desk job makes hard to lose. I am trying though, I run at least 4km a day. Just gotta fix my fucked up diet.
Broken but still good. Shoulders are fucked up. So is my back, ankle and well most joints. Not really bad. Mostly my shoulders. I can still function normally. Just have to think about some movements unless. Otherwise it will be painful and also risk they becoming dislocated.
Mostly I cant carry heavy backpacks.
Also have insomnia which is neurological so that should counts as a part of my body.

So I have some issues with it. But it keep it in shape and try to listen to its complaints for the most part.

I'm overweight and I hate hate hate it. But every time I make any progress in losing weight or getting healthier I seem to self-sabotage myself. I should probably try to get to a therapist about that, as being overweight wreaks havoc on my self-esteem.

At the very least, I've come to terms with the fact that due to my body type, I'll never be a thin Victoria's Secret model or the like. I'll always have big arms because of muscle growth there and big thighs because of my hips. Took a while to get over that, though. Helps that being a thick queen yaaaas or whatever is in vogue now.
Everything i've been given is awesome. I'm tall (188cm), slim (can't get fat), i'm italian white and I never have problem with teeth

I wish i didn't have to wear glasses but oh well !
Yes and no. Like my body has been pretty good to me. In my 30's and still no major aches and pains despite playing sports. Coordinated pretty good and all that.

As a former young athlete, I don't like my body because it stopped growing when I was 16/17. When I got physicals, doctors would always say I was going to end up being 6'3-5 or so, but I stopped just short of 6ft. I also never really filled out. My bones never grew thicker, so even if I hit the gym like a madman, I'll always have skinny wrists.

Overall, I'm content with my body, but if I could change anything I'd make myself a couple inches taller and my bones/frame slightly thicker.


It's not all bad though being skinny. Like others, I have an insane metabolism and can eat whatever and not gain a pound.

Body has been very good with metabolism. I can eat almost anything I want and never put on weight.

It's also been very healthy so I've never been to the hospital... Except from when I was born, I guess :D

... Can be a lil taller, though!
I'm okay with it. 178 cm and 62 kg, so I could/should put on some weight and muscle mass, but personally I'm fine with my build.
Receding hairline sucks because I had rather long hair most of my life.
Getting my acne under control massively increased my self-esteem. I actually like my face now.
No I don´t like it, sometimes I wonder if I have body dysmorphia.
I´m skinny, tall and I can't even tell what is going on with my chest. Apparently its to 80% normal, but I lost my ability to actually point out what I don't like about it.
When I look at it I'm just like, somethings wrong. There also a lot of scars on my upper body which might increase in number if everything goes as planned, so I'll have to learn to live with that somehow.
Working on the weight but I'd like to be a little taller, 6' or 6'1'' would be cool (5'11'' here, not exactly a midget and taller than most people I see every day but still).

Mostly happy right now though.
Yeah it's alright. I'm 40% dad bod though.

I just need to trim a bit of weight off (bit of belly fat) and I'm golden. I'm not a fan of my very hairy back, but fuck it, doesn't matter, I never have to see it.

I've got good legs mind, the well defined legs of a cyclist.
Well enough. I'm 6'2" and about ~150 lbs, depending.

Kind of wish I had some musculature, but I don't work out with weights, so obviously it's not just going to spontaneously appear. Not my biggest priority in life right now anyway.

The one thing I hate is the fucking body hair. Jesus fucking Christ, chest, ab, and butt hair is the worst. The worst.

I was severely laughed at last night by my girlfriend because she was watching Insecure and it was that scene where Lawrence is having sex and I blurted out "damn! His ass is so perfectly hairless, I'm jealous!"
Not really no. Insecure about my height and feel too tall (5'8" / 172cm) hate my feet, self conscious about my big thighs despite being a healthy weight. Also have lots of stretch marks on my inner thighs from being 100 pounds heavier then I am now for most of my teenage/adult life so yeah I really hate my thighs >_<
Nope. Splotchy skin, trouble with acne, barrel chest, awkward proportions.

When I'm super low body fat, I look weird as hell because it's not flattering to my frame.

When I have a little weight/muscle, it looks more natural but I'm unhappy because it's not how I picture myself.

At least my face is cute.
Nope, too skinny.

Even with a beautiful girl who loves me for who I am I obsess about gaining weight.

Thankfully I'm more healthy about going about it instead of pumping my body full of shit like I used too.
Not really. Thin upper body and chubby face.
But I've built some muscle recently so that's a start.

Oh, and my hair is a nightmare. Always have to resort to short hairstyle.
Nah my body is tore up from the floor up. I got huge hairy hobbit feet. I got bow-legs. My dick sticks out to the side for no obvious reason. I had my belly button pierced and now I get embarrassed when girls see the hole and make fun of me. I have pectus excavatum. I can't shave because my face gets all jacked up so I've had a beard I don't want for decades. I broke my front teeth out in a bike accident in the 4the grade. People used to bully me about my long hair (police harassed me, one of my teachers made fun of me for an entire year, and multiple people set it on fire) so now I have a shaved head that I also don't like.

I think I have nice shoulders, though.
Kind of. I like my overall frame. I have a broad chest and shoulders and wide hips (I'm a guy), but I am currently a fat ass. I'm doing some strength training to get in better shape, it's going pretty well.
I'm super skinny and that's the thing I hate most about myself physically. If I could gain 40 pounds in an instant that'd be nice. But I must not hate it enough if I choose convenience over really pushing myself to eat and exercise more.