Do you like your body?


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Grew up with family/friends that gave me shit about body/image throughout all my life pretty much even to this day.
So I started with the body of the fertility God. Then melted to the body of a borderline anorexic twig. Then transcended to the chiselled body of a sex God. Now back to the body of a healthy mortal man(I think).

I love my body cause we've been through it all. At the same time, I just don't give a fuck anymore regarding body image.
I have a little too much body fat (especially in the stomach area) but I'm pretty healthy overall. My knee is a little fucked up and there are some moles I wouldn't mind getting rid of but other than that, I love my bod.
No health issues and above average shape,i kinda got a little lazy in the last 2 weeks but i'll resume my gym routine soon.
So yeah i'm the very definition of average,nothing remarkable but not bad enough to wish for a change right now.
I like my face a lot. It's only grown better with age, thank goodness. My height is OK too.

Putting on weight is really difficult though. Health issues and bad habits are a big obstacle to my long term goal of being a buff daddy who brings all the boys to the yard.
there's room for improvement but I'm happy. I haven't lifted weights since my wife got pregnant and since the baby was born (hardly time or energy for cardio even which I prioritize) but I'm mostly good. some flab here and there and it's not like I'm walking around shirtless ever, but my clothes fit well and look good on me.
I have potential for a nice body (6'1'' and gain muscle quite fast), but I really dislike gyms, so I'm a bit fat at the moment. So while I do like my body itself, I don't like it's current form lol.

But I'd say that the thing that bothers me the most are my double chins D:
I have pretty bad dysmorphia, so lolololol no.

I'm 6'2" and only about 165 pounds. I have a naturally athletic frame, so that's great, but I always feel I should be fitter. And I jump from feeling way too skinny to obsessing over the slightest bit of fat on my abdomen.

In reality, I can pig out and never gain an ounce, which made gaining weight really difficult as an athlete sometimes, and continues to this day. My calves and ankles naturally tend to the thin side, which makes me look like I skip leg day, even though I have sprinters thighs, which I hate with a passion lol.

Add my newfound obsession with my hair (I'm growing locs) and how being a tall black male with a highly ethnic hairstyle can alter how others treat you, and yeah, I've got my share of body issues.
Foe the most part but I wish I had a smaller torso. I would be a way faster distance runner if it was smaller. I am built more like a sprinter/mid distance runner but I like actual distance more.
Yes and no.

I like parts of it, but generally I wish I was taller and bulkier or more muscular. It takes a ton of effort for me to maintain a weight that I am happy with, and if I slack a little I lose it all and get too thin. I guess I have the opposite problem of most people.

I haven't been sexually active at all for a year now because I lost a lot of weight and feel too self conscious about my body.

Being a gay man doesn't help. Too much emphasis is put on physical attributes in the community.
Looks fine and i think i look cute although for a 22 year old i do look very young (15-16)

I guess because my hairstyle is like Inkling Boy from Splatoon 2 (long spiky and sides milimetred/shaven short) contributes to it too but i do have a baby face.

I am also oretty short like 1m and 71cm.
But i am happy with my body and looks as a young person always thought i looked ugly but a girl said i had a beautifull face and that i should get a nice haircut and better clothes. (this was around age 15 or 16) so i did and noone ever bullied or said crazy things to me anymore. And girls think i look cute altho i do sadly attract young ones while going out..... That's the only big negative.

So yes i am very happy i also have a couple of tattoos and a couple of video game ones and they look fantastic always get compliments from even casual/mainstream people. Got a few planned more going to a very skilled tattoo artist helps alot tho in that regard and with the videogame character designs i very carefully picked the art designs etc out.

If i would give myself a score it would be an 8. Above average to good looking but not supermodel looks. I am skinny btw but since i started wieghtlifting it actually looks quite nice with the bigger arms. Now i just need to finally get a damn sixpack lol it's just flat now.

I am male if it matters.
I am a nerd all the way through inside but i am happy with the genes my parents gave me and a makeover certainly helped so that girl will always be on my memory not love wise but for the tips she gave me. It improved my live tenfold.
Sure I'm pretty happy with it, always room for improvement though. Been doing moderate to light weightlifting/callisthenics 3-4 times a week for the last 2 years+ and trying to keep my sugar eating days at bay the best I can.

I'm 6'2'', 182 pounds and I've been told my body is similar to Alexander Gustafsson.
I like it more than I ever have thanks to consistently going to the gym the last 5-6 months.

That said there's a lot to dislike, but who doesn't have things that are minuscule/unimportant they worry about.
I'm 165cm tall and weigh 50kg

Technically i'm a little below my weight, recently lost a bit of weight due to depression and a rough patch.

I do feel OK with my body at this point tho.
Other than a little bigger gut than I'd care for, yes. I'm generally fit and workout 3-5 times per week and attempt to make good eating choices, but don't always. It's my love of beer that doesn't do anything to help the gut situation, but I'm at a happy enough balance for the moment where my workouts counter my other bad choices.

Edit - I gave up pop/soda over 4 years ago now which has helped tremendously since I was always bad at drinking that stuff in moderation
Overall, when looking around at people on transit or downtown or whenever, yeah I'm pretty satisfied.

That being said, personally I feel worse than I have at most other times in my life. I'm up at 6am each day and don't get home until 7-9 depending on the day due to commuting around 3-4 hours everyday.

I'm about 6'1 165-170, which is where I've always been, but my muscle definition isn't near where it used to be and I'm sure my cardio is shot. I just don't have the time/energy to workout like I want to. There was a point in my life where I was playing basketball 5-6 times a week, now I'm lucky to get out 3-4 times a month, if that.

Being an adult sucks. Commuting in Toronto is even worse. I'm looking to move in the next month or two though, and I'll be refocusing on fitness once that happens.

My saving grace has been that I eat very well - lots of eggs, hummus, avacado, coconut oil, slow cooked chicken meals, etc.
I always did sports growing up

Ran track in High school,

I take pretty good care of my body, so yes :)

Certainly nice when i get compliments on it too

For anyone struggling, its not the physical pain that is the biggest hurdle, its the mental commitment. You have to be push yourself to make it into the gym consistently (i.e 4 days a week , 3 minimum). Or go for a run, whatever suits you, as long as your consistently active and not eating garbage constantly
got a little heft (maybe more than a little lol). Definitely a dad bod and some eye problems but I feel great. Haven't missed a day of work due to sickness, bike 7 miles every day. I just eat terrible food at times and play too much games but we all have our vices. I was able to walk off getting hit by a car as a pedestrian so now I feel invincible. In terms of height I'm just over 6 foot ( little over 1.8 meters) which is a great height. My glasses also may make me look like a dork but then you have that ugly duckling moment like in the movies, right?

I always did sports growing up

Ran track in High school,

I take pretty good care of my body, so yes :)

Certainly nice when i get compliments on it too

For anyone struggling, its not the physical pain that is the biggest hurdle, its the mental commitment. You have to be push yourself to make it into the gym consistently (i.e 4 days a week , 3 minimum). Or go for a run, whatever suits you, as long as your consistently active and not eating garbage constantly
I started keeping track of what I was eating and I could really feel myself getting better. Then my sister made some cinnamon chip pumpkin cookies and it was over. Those things were so damn good though :(. I need to move far away from my family so I can hide and eat chicken and rice for months.
No. I think about how much I hate it everyday.

I've been fat all my life but last 3 years I've been exercising as much as possible and slimmed down a little. Lost 30 pounds.

Started going to the gym 9 months ago.

Everyday I'm still fighting to eat as little as possible and try to exercise but I have so little time nowadays.

I got to 195 pounds a few months ago but went back to 200 and have been stuck around there for a while. Might be mostly muscle gain though.
Lemme see... 31 years old, 1,96 m tall, 82 kg, pretty shredded, best shape of my life, finally cleaned up my skin with proper nutrition, finally have long hair which I wanted like forever. So, yeah, I am very happy with my body.

Granted, I do have some stretch mark on my belly (a remnant from my fatty days in my early 20s) but considering that it's them that led me down the road I am now (was kind of a wake-up call for me when I got them) I have some kind of a love/hate relationship with them.
Yes and no. Yes when it's in shape (legit looks sexy). No when it's out of shape. I've been out of shape for a few years now (I'm only 25). I need to get fit again.
I dont mind my height but in general no. I'm Obese and while im working to get rid of it i still struggle. Im trying to learn to love myself more though.


So not worth it
Went from 240lbs 3 years ago to 176lbs 3 years ago. Intend to lose just a bit more around my stomach, but yeah, I'm pretty good with my body now.