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Do you live in a city?

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May 28, 2013
St. Ivalice
Post a picture you took of your city and share it with us. Half the world's population lives in cities today. How many of you fall into this group? Do you see yourself living in a city for the rest of your life? How has your experience in your city been? Many more of us, if we aren't already, will be living in one at some point in the future. Cities compose a tiny fraction of the world's vast geography, yet most of humanity will eventually reside in them.

Mexico City, Mexico (photo by Pablo Lopez Luz)

Shanghai, China

Kyoto, Japan

Makati and Parsay, Philippines

New York City, New York

Tokyo, Japan (picture by user Yodalica on Reddit)

Los Angeles, California

Dallas, Texas

Beijing, China

Bangkok, Thailand

Hong Kong

Paris, France

Manila, Philippines

Barcelona, Spain

Chicago, Illinois

San Francisco, California

Toronto, Canada

Cairo, Egypt

Vancouver, Canada

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Seoul, South Korea

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dubai, UAE

Austin, Texas

Tehran, Iran

Moscow, Russia

Berlin, Germany

Guangzhou, China

Houston, Texas

Istanbul, Turkey

Dar es Salaam, East Africa

Boston, Massachusetts

Shenzhen, China

Kolkata, Bengal

Rhine-Ruhr (Dusseldorf), Germany

Baltimore, Maryland

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sao Paulo, Brazil (via Giantbomb)

London, Britain

Karachi, Pakistan

Atlanta, Georgia

Seattle, Washington (photo by Nick Grier)

Lagos, Nigeria

Portland, Oregon

Brisbane, Queensland

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mumbai, India


Oct 30, 2012
I live in westside Atlanta, which you already posted a pic of (albeit pretty old and missing half the city). I love it; it's not perfect but it's such a neat little pocket of culture in the south, lots of influences from around the world, and INCREDIBLE food.
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