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Do you play video games as an escape?


Yes i do quite a bit, especially the open world games of Tes, fallout and the older Gta games, if im immersed its a good game.


I'm at the age where I look for things to escape from videogames, as I've been around long enough to see everything I loved as a kid burn to the ground in every form of media.

But in all seriousness,. some games do tend to provoke anger and build up a lot of stress and tension for me. Turning the screen off and go running and listening to a podcast tend to be better escapes for me.

I still dabble in some games, currently tackling Sunbreak on switch. but take frequent breaks.

YMMV of course.
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I hope you're ok OP.

I play for escapism, generally. Not in the "take me from this hell" sense - life is fine - but in the same way I like to get lost in a film or a book.

It's why I have so little interest in multiplayer games. It's not some marginal difference. They're the total opposite of escapism.
In my teenage/early adult years yes, definitely, but someday I stopped having a shitty attitude towards life and everything became good. And now I‘m just playing from time to time because I like trophies.


This is my opening sentence to every review I write:

Thank you to the dev {insert name} and publisher {insert name} for creating and providing a game for me to escape, X, and enjoy.

X= something usual tied to the genre like think, explore, or I put in a joke about the game. Last review, I entered "crafts bandage", as you have to do that all the time, one at a time.


Mostly because shooting fireballs from my hands is fun. Experiencing the darker side of humanity from a safe distance in the great ones is also nice.

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