Do you think the 2020 Democrat primary debates will be rigged by the DNC again?

Aug 24, 2016
I doubt it. It would be suicide to do it again and expect to not get caught.
Considering all the grassroot movements, progressives, socialists and left leaning centrists who came out and saved the Democratic party during the midterm, to rig it in favor of a more traditional Liberal would be the end of the party. No one would come back to vote for them during midterms (where it matters)
Eh, they can just use super delegates again which will remove them from directly being caught. Heck old and new power democrats aren't even calling for rule changes. They probably forgot SD's were a thing. Especially those like ocasio.


Manbaby: The Member
Jan 12, 2009
The only thing I think that if a Democrat wins they'll get immediately attacked on the deficit and debt. That shit ain't going down under the Republicans.
Nov 12, 2016
1) CNN saying Clinton is going to win is not the same as the DNC rigging an election.
It 100%, undeniably, is. You are fooling yourself if you didn't think it was all part of the same system.

With that said I believe the answer to the OP is that it is still up in the air. I think if the DNC "decides" to go the Clinton or Biden route, then no one has a chance. There is a good possibility that they will go for "new blood as chosen by the people". It was hot for the house elections. Liberals aren't keen on the issues. They seemingly just want minorities/women. Obama had no real qualifications for proving he could run an entire question. He was a minority who was a great speaker. They just needed a face.