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Do you think we'll still be able to earn PS3/PS Vita trophies?


Apr 5, 2018
Hello fellow Gaffers,

this question is targeted specifically to those compulsive trophy hunters like myself on the Playstation consoles.

Do you think that one day we won't be able to earn trophies anymore on the old Playstation platforms like PS3 and PS Vita?

I know many people don't even care for trophies but
I myself enjoy the extra challenge for trophies (as long they do not require grinding) and since I still have a pretty big backlog on the previous (-previous) gen consoles I hope I'll still be able to sync my earned trophies to the server.

Now Sony just announced they'll severly reduce store accesability on PS3/PS Vita:


So I think it's only a matter of time before you won't even be able to acces the stores on those consoles (yay digital!!!) .
I realize that for trophies syncing you do not need to enter the store but if you won't even be able to connect to the network you may earn trophies but you won't see them anymore in your online profile. So for that matter Sony may also take that feature away.

What do you guys think?


Aug 25, 2018
A Place
Wouldn't mind if PS3 got server stuff like that shut down, I would love to softmod it without fear of $ony banhammering my account.

Note: I dump my own games, f*** pirates
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Jun 16, 2020
Unless they ever make such massive changes to PSN that they have to just cut off PS3 and Vita, I don't see that happening. If that day ever comes, expect to say goodbye to your PS4 stuff as well.

As long as games can still call home in some way, there's no reason to stop you earning trophies.

Getting and playing games will definitely become harder, however!


Jun 28, 2020
As long as ps now supports ps3 which I don't see a reason they would drop any time soon, I suppose you're fine.
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Agent X

Jun 7, 2004
New Jersey
It could happen if they decide to restrict the ability for PS3 and PS Vita to access PSN, but I don't foresee that occurring anytime soon. The recent PlayStaion.Blog post describing changes to trophy level says:

PlayStation.Blog said:
Lastly, just for clarity, Trophies that you’ve earned on previous PlayStation systems will come with you to PlayStation 5, just as they have in previous generation transitions. The new Trophy levels will be reflected in all locations that Trophy levels are shown, including past systems, PS App and My PlayStation.

If those systems do lose access to PSN, then theoretically you should still be able to earn the trophies within the console itself. You just won't have any way of synchronizing the trophy data with the servers.
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