Do you want a jrpg localized for vita? Scee wants to know your requests!

My tweet, feel free to copy and paste to your own twitbox:

Zero/Ao/Sen no Kiseki, Tales of Innocence/Hearts R, FF Type-0, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, Valkyria Chronicles 3 #jrpgvita

He did not specify anything, so i guess you can post any jrpg you have in mind.
Make things appear!
I want everything. Stop asking us and give me every single jrpg
There are always games that people prioritize over others. Type-0 is basically at the top of everyone's list as a game that they want to be able to play in English. The Legend of Heroes games are also extremely high. And then there's Valkyria 3.
He asked for jRPG games you want on Vita, he didn't say localization or anything. Perhaps they'll chase franchises like Dark Cloud, who knows?
That seems a bit misguided to me, is SCEE gonna start directly commissioning JRPGs from Japanese developers? Probably not.

Localization requests seem much more realistic.