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Doctor Strange director, Scott Derrickson, to make Labyrinth 2 (sequel to 1986 film starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly)

According to Deadline, Derrickson will helm from a screenplay by Maggie Levin (Into the Dark) for The Jim Henson Company and TriStar Pictures. Derrickson confirmed the news via Twitter.

The late Jim Henson directed the original Labyrinth, which starred Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. The movie followed a teenage girl named Sarah (Connelly) who had to navigate a fantastical maze in order to rescue her baby brother Toby from Bowie's Jareth the Goblin King.

Although a box office disappointment in its time, Labyrinth has maintained a cult following in the ensuing years thanks to comics, books, and games. George Lucas exec produced the original film, while Jim Henson's Creature Shop created the film's many elaborate puppets.


advanced basic bitch
Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies ever. This should have been made at least ten years ago though while Bowie was still alive. I can't imagine who could play the goblin king now.


Eh...if they screw it up, we'll still always have the original. I suppose the Labyrinth universe potentially has tons of characters, locales, stories, etc so the sequel wouldn't have to even include Jareth, Sarah, or Toby at all.


My gut take is, why? BUT I know it is possible make solid sequels to "classics', just have the odds against you. I could see a Return to Oz type of sequel. The labyrinth has gone into chaos with the absence of the Goblin king but make it dark like Pan's Labyrinth (the fantasy bits)
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