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Does anyone else miss cheat codes


Apr 17, 2015
I need one for that new tony hawk to unlock the levels :(

What you stuck on?

What? Does it work for Steam as well? I hit a plateau in the game where it's too hard to be fun.

Its just the UE version afaik, I used them on my PS5 playthrough because I already beat it on PC and I couldn't be bothered with the Expeditions crap, thats the worst, most rubbish padding in the game. I just turned on one hit kill to grind out the 3 and 5 token expeditions to see the reward outfit. I was at the end of the game and had done everything else so I literally just turned it off when after I ran around in it for a minute lol.

Oh I also used the immortality cheat to get through the Feedback Loop without hassle, I definitely could've done it but I was just tired of repeating the Mold boss, that was conceptually very cool but I found it annoying in practice. In fact I know why that is, that boss really wanted you to use the shield and I was determined to not use the Shield through the whole game for some reason lol, so totally my fault.

V Videospel

PM me and tell me about the plateu you've hit, I might be able to help. The game gives a lot of freedom to make "builds" but when you are a high levels you really need to stack damage mods on the guns to bring the Time To Kill down to a reasonable/fun level. Also you can make it much more fun/playable if use a Energy Regen Speed + Launch % Cost Reduction personal mods. You should also pump all your points into Launch before anything else except put a few in Health if you keep dying in a couple of hits.

I think if you've played Diablo before you will understand how some synergies are crap while others are insanely game changing but might not be obvious to most people. Anyway, PM me your problem and I'll try to help if you like, last resort before cheating ya know.
Oct 26, 2018
Never really used cheat codes unless it was pissing on the AI with Arch Angels in Heroes of M&M 3.

Not a cheat really, but a bonus unlock. But I loved in RE you could get unlimited rocket launcher if you beat the game under 3 hours (I think). Probably the only lengthy SP game I ever beat 3 times. Once normal, once asap, once with rockets.


Nov 4, 2015
It was good when you had to figure them out yourself, or buy gaming magazines, now with the internet, it's so easy to find a "cheat" code you may as well make a menu for it in-game instead of requiring some sort of code to unlock it
Mar 28, 2021
i loved using my gameshark with my pokemon games. i used to use this site:

some of my favourites:

01**D8CF to catch any pokemon. 0115D8CF let you fight/catch Mew.

01xx7CCF to buy any item in a mart. 01017CCF let you buy a Masterball or 01317CCF for Nugget or 01287CCF for Rare Candy

want to catch a lvl 99 pokemon? 016326D1
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Oct 4, 2011
Age of Empires was made infinitely better with the cheats.