Does Jeremy Parish undermine Ziff Davis' credibility?

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Zenith said:
If reviews are just a source of income to you and you don't attach any notion of journalistic integrity to your work then why should we ever take anything you write seriously ever again?

It's because of people like you saying video game reviewing isn't important enough to warrant good standards of journalism that we've reached the sorry ass situation we have today.

I didn't see anything in there that says he doesn't care about the quality or integrity of his work.


ohmycar said:
Seriously, let's just all go play Turtles in Time.

Alright, as long as I get to be Mickey


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Gah, toasty hasn't logged in since august 4th, so he probably won't respond. Looks like it's about time to wrap this up.

That is, unless milky and drinky want to schedule a "LET'S FIGHT IN REAL LIFE" date and time.
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