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Does Steam ever update the system requirements for games?

I am normally a console gamer and have a very old PC (around 10 years, graphic card around 7 or 8 years old) .

And I am normally late with playing games, because I have two young children and very minimal time for games. I was working a little bit recently on my ever growing list of games I want to play some day and decided to play Bloodstained and also finished it after a long time. After I finished it, I was looking for another good metroidvania games and decided to play Ori and the blind forest. However I had to use my PC, which I recently never used for games, since I don't own a XBox.

Well I absolutely love it and wanted to play Ori and the will of the wisps as well. Then came my shock when I read the stated system minimum and recommended requirements which far exceeds my PC setup due to its age. However I really wanted to play it, so I bought it and was already considering to upgrade some parts of my PC. However imagine my surprise when I realized that it runs quite well and even stays mostly at 60fps and that even at medium and not low settings.
Considering that I also read tons of bad user experiences with the performance, I came to the conclusion that they must have patched the game in the meantime, probably also thanks to their experience with the switch port.

However it seems the stated system requirements remain the same even after obvious performance improvements. So I wonder if Steam updates the system requirements from time to time, or if the listed ones generally stay identical, regardless how much better the performance improved over time. I kind of feel that this way many people may miss out on great games, because they think their system cannot run it, although that is not the case anymore.
I see, well perhaps Moon Studios does not care much about sales anymore, since Microsoft as the publisher will get most of the money. Considering the recent comment from the Moon Studios boss that Microsoft would create borders and that their next game is published by another publisher, they don't want to promote the game anymore.


Thinks buying more servers can fix a bad patch
The minimum specs requirement typically means the lowest specs PC which the devs has access and tested their games on. If your PC/laptop is slightly below the mini specs there's still a chance you can run it (especially for indie, non-intensive games), just that the devs doesn't want to guarantee you that it'll work.
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