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Does the possibility of extraterrestrials existing and visiting us scare you and why?

Does the possibility of extraterrestrials existing scare you?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Shut up you're stupid (I'm scared hold me daddy)

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I'm more scared of God coming, to be honest.

But I'm sure aliens could deal some damage on their own.

Or they could be benevolent.

In all things of these matters, listen to this guy:

/x/ on 4chan says this dude is full of shit.

While it is fearful if they don't wipe us out the potential for us to smash Alien cheeks exists and the Chinese are looking forward to catching one, cutting it up and frying it with some vegetables.
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If they exist they probably aren't extraterrestrial. Yes, I believe the phenomenom is interdimensional.

It's either complete lunacy or interdimensional. I read a lot about this and it's what I believe. You're welcome to believe whatever you want and so am I..

Days like these...

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If they exist they probably aren't extraterrestrial. Yes, I believe the phenomenom is interdimensional.

It's either complete lunacy or interdimensional. I read a lot about this and it's what I believe. You're welcome to believe whatever you want and so am I..
Simmer down there little buddy, you can believe in Sweet baby Jesus for all I care but back to the topic at hand are you scared of "interdimensional beings" visiting us?


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No. I'm not scared. Humans have the potential to do great things... It's the powerful elites (no matter which party you are loyal to) that doesn't want us to! We could have batteries that charge in 2 seconds or the cure for cancer (they really don't want it out there because there's no money in cures). Aliens would change that because the dollar would become useless once they show us how amazing tech can be!

For me, at least, it's further proof of God's existence!
An alien civilization that has the capacity to visit us would be so technologically advanced that it wouldn’t even think about us. It would view our planet the same way you think of an anthill in the middle of Mongolia.
Maybe the anthill scientists visit us. Or the hot aluminium guys.



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I think aliens are 100% real. I don’t know if they have visited us, are near us, or can reach us but I think it’s possible they have.

They don’t scare me because they can’t get to us, they can and don’t care, or they are here but not revealing themselves. So doesn’t affect me. If they are here then they can keep flying about in their silly little space ships doing whatever the fuck they’re doing.

Maybe if/when it’s 100% confirmed they are here and we know what they want then maybe I’ll be scared if it’s not good for us lol. Any civilisation that can do space travel is hundreds probably thousands years more advanced than us so they could do what they want with us and there is fuck all we can do to stop them.


They statistically have to be real and I think we’ve had enough media (books, movies, etc.) that it’d be less of a shock than it would’ve been decades ago.

I think if they have the ability to get here though we’d just be like animals to them.
So hopefully if it ever does happen we all play nice.

If we visited a planet and a native animal attached us immediately would we just put it down with a gun?


No. Universe is too big. If were to find aliens it probably wouldn't be intelligent life. It would something like bacteria or very small insects.
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Because I know it is not going to happen so I just don't waste time and mental energy worrying about it like some loon.

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Honestly, I'd welcome some kind of intergalactic intervention.

Admittedly, I'm imagining a wholesome experience where earth is made a happier, kinder place, rather than one where humans are enslaved / turned to food / used as toys.

I can imagine that if Bezos/Musk managed to get to Mars and back quick enough and found life on Mars was super intelligent, but physically weak and crucially, very tasty, that we'd never hear about their thoughts, achievements or emotions. Musk would be just be shipping steaks across the vacuum of space to new KFM (Kentucky Fried Martian) outlets asap.

No reason to think, I suppose, that the kindest and most benevolent of other civilisations would lead their missions, so perhaps intervention of alien life wouldn't be all about solving climate change and ending war after all.


Even if they exist it's statistically unlikely in your lifetime.

Humans have existed for hundreds of thousands of years for them to come during your lifetime when they could have at any time before makes it extraordinarily anomalous. Lets say they come next year, that would have been a ~1 in 180,000 chance.



It does scare me... but not because raaargh alien gonna eat me grr.

Rather because of how embarrassingly stupid we'll look like as humanity right now

They'll be like yo these things don't even know the difference between their genitals and watch an app called tiktok to actively make their youth less intelligent. Then they'll sign off humanity as unworthy and we'll be galaxy locked


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No. If they have the technology to travel across space to reach other planets why would they want to come here?


Until the recent congress hearings on the subject I was thinking that due to the lack of evidence that we are maybe alone in the vast universe. So a universe which could be our sole "playground" in the far future. Fermis paradox kind of supports that.

The recent congress hearings have occupied my mind on the topic so perhaps we are not alone and instead they are watching waiting for some reason. Which is a bit uncomfortable..
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