Dontnod Entertainment is working on an RPG title for PS4/XBO


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Feb 28, 2013
Saw this posted here and thought it deserves its own thread:
Dontnod Entertainment is currently seeking for an experienced Game/Level Designer with a strong RPG/ARPG background to work on their new project for PS4 and XBOX One consoles.

(Google translation, sorry):
As part of the development of a game console, DONTNOD Entertainment, creator of Remember Me (CAPCOM) and Life is Strange (SQUARE / ENIX) is looking for a Game / Level Designer Senior with strong experience in RPG or Action RPG. Description Mission:

  • Under the responsibility of Game Director, you will participate in the creation of a video game console.
  • You will develop the design of mechanical oriented RPG gameplay together with game designers, programmers and artists.
May 24, 2013
You'd have thought they'd be busy enough with Life is Strange right now.
I don't think we know that much about Life Is Strange, but it wouldn't surprise me if the scope for that game was relatively small and thus didn't require a full dev team (or at least not for as long as a Remember Me). Maybe their next big project is actually the RPG.
Mar 5, 2014
Level designer? Hey I could do that. I have plenty of experience. I've beaten Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2
(okay I didn't beat this one, but it's fine)

Anyway, good luck to Dontnod, hopefully Life is Strange is good and they get some popularity for this game.
Jan 6, 2014
If it's as good as Remember Me, I'll be very pleased indeed.

DONTNOD's ability to realise their imagination is something more developers need.

RealEdit: Wait, a mechanically-oriented RPG? HELL YEAH! Keep fighting the good fight, DONTNOD.
Oct 24, 2013
Cleveland, OH
I think these mid range developers are trying to work on a couple games at a time so that if one falls through the studio still survives. Ninja Theory has a few games in development, too - Hellblade is a very small part of their studio, only a 12 person team. I bet Life is Strange is similar. Being an episodic adventure game, it's probably well suited to a small team.