Dontnod Entertainment (Remember Me) in financial trouble

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May 8, 2011
I'm not certain of the translation of redressement judiciaire but it's definitely bad news:

This is very bad news for France and French videogame productions. Since January, 28 the studio DONTNOD Entertainment, which distinguished itself last June with Remember Me, is placed in receivership Concretely, this means that its bank accounts are not at their highest point and the situation of the company is far from assured in the short term.

Of course, the disappointing sales of Remember Me are to blame for this, even though Capcom had funded the development of the title (and got ownership of the license, by the way). Since then, the Japanese firm has changed its policy towards European structures, which costs a lot to DONTNOD Entertainment. A Remember Me sequel on next-gen had been talked about but it's very unlikely it will come out for our consoles.

At the moment, the Parisian company has not commented on this. We hope the relevant parties will find a solution so that DONTNOD Entertainment can continue to quench its creativity.
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