Doodle or Die

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I played it a lot in the past few days, but seriously, there are way too many racists there. :/

Also, a lot of people often derail a chain with something totally not related.
People aren't really playing. I kept it simple "Chicken feet", next person draw perfectly awesome chicken feet. Next person put "Cooking Mama preparing a giant chicken."

Case in point, how am I suppose to draw:

"Mads Mikkelsen look angrily at someone while tempted to shoot his floating, unloaded Magnum PI style revolver"

edit: i tried

Here are a few I did to other people's descriptions



This one I also added the next persons doodle because I thought their interpretation was funny


Been there on the last two days, really amazing and fun, despite the various server errors.
Certain chains ask you to draw the strangest things, here are some of the few sfw I've drawn.

Kratos advertising a Segway

A three legged man wearing donald's hat shooting carrots @ bugs bunny's face.

Haha I spent way too much time on this the other day.
These are some of my "successes." Sorry about the spam. :p

It's too bad so many chains get ruined by people writing childish crap or not putting any effort into it. :(
Not open for further replies.