DOOM 4 Leaks [Update 3: 170 New Leaked Images]


Didn't see any thread, thoughts?

Google searching the images leads to some kind of blog, where apparently they have been posted on 2012/01/17.


Update 2:

Jim Reilly ‏ @jimreilly

Bethesda says Doom 4 is not canceled.!/jimreilly/status/174547627722022913
Update 3:

dont forget to check out the rar file linked on that page, much more images in there (characters, zbrush assets and more ingame shots, no demons tho)
Update 4:!/id_Hooper/status/174967484506570752

"Those images have nothing to do with what you're gonna see in Doom4. When we officially show things you'll see awesome"

He's the design director at id.
The style in those three shots is a bit inconsistent.

Edit - checked the thread. A bit more consistent with more shots there, but the graphics are, uh, not good. Unless that's the reason they canceled it, I call bull.
no shit, it's from /v/


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That last pic looks like something from RAGE.

1) What a shame
2) Not surprised

edit : well not last pic anymore since you added more pics but you can clearly see that id tech 5 going on.
Someone on GAF was saying the project was a total mess and they had to start with almost nothing when they finished Rage IIRC.

This was around the same time they had layoffs.
somehow i doubt that doom 4 would have been taking place in destroyed human cities that look terrible, like some art student's project.

and if it did, i'm kind of glad it was canceled!
I wish id Software would cancel themselves.

I appreciate your contributions to gaming, ladies and gentlemen, but game design passed you by...along time ago.

Perhaps a strictly tech company is the way to go?
The hell on earth idea again? I guess. Hoping that, if D4 is made, it will go back to the Mars base setting, too. The mix of futuristic industrial tech and satanic/occult themes still works for me. As for the gameplay, I'm afraid they won't be able to transfer the essence of Doom if they overcomplicate the game as Doom gameplay may be too simple to survive another installment.
Some of the environments looked pretty cool. Some had good style, others did not.

Graphics look good but nothing mind blowing.

Sad if cancelled but not that sad. The same old FPS formula is becoming less appealing every year.

... Serious? Doom 2 and the Doom 3 expansion were both set on earth if I'm not mistaken.

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I don't habeeb it. Betting some dude just yoinked a bunch of shitty art renders from some college student's website, thought it looked Doom-ish, and decided to try and troll 4chan.
I still don't get why they would cancel the game based on their only worthwhile IP.

Cancel it and restart, sure, but I mean, Rage, Quake, and Wolfenstein are all kind of dumps compared to Doom (and basic profitability).
They need to forget about any kind of realism in the setting or other stuff and just make a retro arcade FPS with complex levels you gotta thoroughly explore to eventually reach the exits. It should be far cheaper to produce and also get better reception. Maybe add some nice multiplayer too, it's been a while since we got a good DM from id themselves. Co-op with randomised levels!


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Those shots look awesome to me. I don't see the issue. The texture works look absolutely phenomenal to me.

That said, the visuals don't exactly jive with what I would expect from Doom 4.
Nichijou header?
I suddenly respect 4chan more.

And if it's to be true. Doom will probably be back in some way or another.
What makes me so sure?
It's Doom.