Doom Classic Complete coming to PSN, trophies indicate


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So, wait, they're just porting the XBLA version?

They should port Quake 3 while they're at it. :|
Couldn't they have just put those in bfg? I now already own those two games in ps3 so there less value in this collection. What a cash grab.


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Awesome! I'm totally getting this for my dad! Good thing I didn't get Doom 3 BFG. :D
wow. lucky me. I was actually planning to get the BFG edition just for doom 1 and 2. good thing i don't have much disposable income atm... wait.
So yeah ... I never understood/liked trophies anyway, but there are some for Doom of all things?

I haven't looked at the list yet, but what the hack could they be besides:

-Finish first leve, finish second level ....
-Pick up every weapon.
-Use mouse1
-Do a 360
-and so on ...

Seriously, for what?