DOOM (Holiday 2017) and Wolfenstein II (2018) Announced for Nintendo Switch

Can we finally agree that Nintendo is Doomed?

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Not even waiting on the Skyrim "test". although I think we all know its gonna do well

Guess they trust this system a lot.
It's a solid strategy. Be the first third party to really go all in on Switch. I mean, there's not too much competition yet. Might change if the Switch continues to sell this well.
I really can't wait to see how much of a downgrade they have to force on the game to get them running on the Switch.

I'm shocked they can get it to work at all haha.
Or, you know, Switch is actually fairly powerful, and id's engines scale well.
You misunderstand me. Switch is a powerful little console, but it's still no PS4. And DOOM and Wolf 2 are pushing the graphical boundaries quite far, so it's just impressive that they got this over to a portable...assuming it still looks good.

Please don't take this as me shitting on the Switch, because that is not my intention at all. It's my favorite console right now.

Once again, Vulkan support on the Switch. Hell, perhaps this is exactly why the Switch supports Vulkan.
Ah, true.
I lost it upon initially hearing the announcement, but now I'm not so sure. I should love the idea of having DOOM 2016 on the go, but its filesize is a bit obnoxious. Would a DOOM BFG port be a possibility? I am really curious to see how New Colossus performs, though. No doubt there will be some visual sacrifice, and I wonder how many people would rather opt for portability with that title.
I wonder how big of an SD card you need to install DOOM though? Isn't it like 60 GB on other systems?
One significant difference here is PS4 and XBO games install entirely to the HDD. Switch games on cart do not require a mandatory install unless the size of the game exceeds the capacity of the cart itself.

If Bethesda cheaps out and uses a 8GB or 16GB Cart for the game this could be an issue, However I expect the Switch version to have lower texture detail thus a smaller overall file size. High res texture data won't be taking up massive file size in this case because they likely won't apply. (Remember ideally they are targeting a 900p resolution so put that into consideration). They might get away with using a 32GB cart under that circumstance.