DOOM on Switch will have full campaign on cartridge, multiplayer as optional download

There's been a lot of talk about file size and cartridges and now we have official word.

Bethesda told Engadget that the Switch port of Doom will have all the updates and DLC released for the original game except for the SnapMap level editor. It's also worth noting that the physical version of the game will only include the single-player campaign on the game card due to size constraints -- to play online multiplayer, users will need to download a free update. Naturally, users that choose digital-only copies will get the whole package in one go.

I wish it was reversed. If I choose to download it I would prefer to download only the campaign unless I choose to also download multiplayer. If I have the cartridge I would expect everything to be on it.
To be honest, with all these tricks developers are using to get around the cartridge limitations, the Switch may as well be a digital only system for most people. Which I'm sure many wouldn't have a problem with as long as they have a big enough SD Card.
FUCK YES. I don't give a single damn about the multiplayer. Hopefully I can seperate the two digitally as well so I won't have to get the cartridge. (Even though the Box art looks really neat...)

Edit: Just read it...Then I'll have to go with cartridge I guess... Damn...
How would they price that though? $30 for the game, $20 for multiplayer? I've not played it yet so I don't know which side has more "value" - do we even know how much Switch's version will be?
I just think it's funny they're going to be selling a cart with only the single-player on it but people will still be paying for the multi-player portion they don't want anyways.
So, for the record, is SnapMap considered part of MP? I know it's its own thing in the other versions but does it need to be downloaded via the MP update in the Switch version?