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Doritos Locos Tacos

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For those times when you were eating a taco from Taco Bell and you wished you could be eating Doritos at the very same time, or wishing your hands could be covered in neon orange crap when you are done eating a taco, Taco Bell has an answer:

Found that when I apparently went to a test market taco bell last night. I actually did try it and it's decent. The shell isn't overpowering with flavor like a regular Dorito, so it just tastes like they sprinkled the cheese on a regular taco bell shell. Still, i'd be pretty surpised if they make this a regular menu item, just seems a bit too wierd/messy.


A Dorito the size of a Taco? SOLD! I can pretty much eat Doritos with anything.


I used to work there...

You don't want to eat that or anything else there. trust me..

The empanadas are good though.

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Oh great, here comes health food GAF again. I get so sick of hearing about their steamed veggies and how they only drink water. KEEP THAT SHIT OUT OF JUNK FOOD THREADS! That said, I love me some Taco Bell but I really don't like Doritos too much so I'll probably pass on this one.


edbrat said:
anyone work in a fast food place and would actually recommend eating there?
I worked at a Papa Murphy's once, it was clean.

Wait, I guess it doesn't count as fast food.


I used to work at Dairy Queen..

You really want to eat all that shit and mix it together in a blender and eat it. Its yummy.
Tonedeff said:
I used to work at Arby's. I liked it, but a lot of people don't :(

Same. I thought Arby's was fine when I worked there and I worked the back line not the register. It seemed clean with good policies.


I only eat the stuff from Taco Bell thats supposed to be steak. Steak Chalupas and Taquitos actually dont taste bad at all.

EDIT: And I say this in every fast food topic:

If you guys vomit/have to use the restroom like crazy after eating any big chain fast food place...well either you just went to a crappy one, or have a really weak stomach.
Yeah, I make Taco salads and when I don't have normal tortilla chips, I make it with Doritos. And it doesn't really work. Doritos are tasty on their own. But combining Doritos with other Mexican food doesn't really work well per my experience.
I freaking hate doritos cheese dust. Agh.

The only thing I ever order from taco bell is chicken grilled stuffed burrito, fresco style. Half the time, they don't make it correctly and I end up with the signature sour cream blob at one end of my burrito even though I didn't want it, though. Bastards.
Loco? So are the tacos crazy and start wiggling uncontrollably that you might have to call the maniac center?

I don't get why they're "loco."
Taco Bell is so much better than Mcdonalds. If you don't eat your Mcdonalds within like 5 hours, it turns into a disgusting plastic mess.


screw you guys stop badmouthing Taco Bell. It'll be the only franchise to survive in the future you know.

Sides that i'm going to buy 12 tacos for 10 dollars. What a deal! It'll do nicely for my Doctor Who marathon.


MMaRsu said:
pre-used meat? :p

I remember watching a hidden-camera exposé on Australian tv of a Chinese restaurant that would take uneaten meat off tables, rinse it, and serve it again :lol

Humorous and terrifying.


The keys to getting fast food that is clean.
1. Fast food areas that have lots of office complexes around it. Usually get more business so have more staff and fresher food.
2. Corporate own fast food restaurants, there are usually non franchised for every fast food restaurant that are owned by the company themselves so these are usually really clean and have plenty of staff. Only BK I will go to is the corporate owned run around me.

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Anyone else like to stuff a Taco Supreme inside a regular bean burrito? I call it the Super Double Decker. The Dorrito taco would be perfect for this.
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