DOTA2 |OT15| anime only please

Mar 25, 2009
People saying "1 month until patch" need to read it a little more carefully.

They worded it "1 month until the content is complete" this excludes testing and rollout.

So yeh, I would say at least 6-8 weeks.
Lets be honest, don't expect this thing until December.

You could also argue that they won't test it and just push it out the gate with some fatal flaw and then patch it.


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Jan 29, 2008
actually a lot of good dota going on atm, check out the sl i-league games, pgl opens, and the other open qualis as well. all free ingame
I wanted to watch the DC vs Infamous game, but I couldn't stand the caster/setup for the match. The guy had the game far too quiet, so you could only really hear him and no ingame sound, the graphics were set to a low quality, his stream was low resolution so everything was blurry on top of it. The actual caster was a bit below par too, but the bad setup made it unwatchable on Twitch for me.

Feeling like the 2013/2014 competitive days though. which is nice.
Nov 2, 2010
slow jungling enigma, support/jungle LC, non-initiating/fighting/tanking mid tide doesnt leave lane for 12 minutes and goes refresher first, solo off axe zoned by veno and timber that goes on to dominate the game, blamed for not TPing when its on cooldown. farming with ravage and blackhole off cooldown.

Half jungle, half support LC is a new one :)

Dota is art. Really showing us new ways to live and experience togetherness as a human race. Opening up new pathways in social and personal consciousness, expanding the landscape of what we as humans understand as being possible. I was there... were you?

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there's no way an axe lanes against a veno and timber tbh

anyways tyme for daily birb post



Oct 12, 2013
I miss the days when I could carry with Drow against any lineup.

Now I struggle to find a good time to pick her. What does she do that another hero can't?
She helps Nature's win his solo offlane against any safe lane that has me supporting it?

If we reach a new OT by the time i get off work today i'll do a giveaway for a couple of Steam games. If we don't i'll do a giveaway for something secret!