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Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons announced


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Publisher Modus Games and developer Secret Base have announced Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam). It will launch this summer.

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons is the first new title in the Double Dragon franchise, which began in 1987, since the 2017-released Double Dragon IV, which was developed by Arc System Works. For this new title, Arc System Works licensed the intellectual property to Modus Games.

Here is an overview of the game, via Modus Games:

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons is a cooperative beat ’em up featuring tag team duos of fighters infused with roguelite elements to deliver classically informed, highly replayable Double Dragon-style brawls with a new edge that will revitalize the iconic franchise.
New York City in the year 199X: the city has been devastated by nuclear war. Its citizens fight for survival as riots, crime, and chaos flood the streets. Criminal gangs terrorize what remains as they vie for dominance. Unwilling to endure these conditions any longer, young Billy and Jimmy Lee take it upon themselves to reclaim their city.
Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons gives players incredible, seamless tag team abilities and a multitude of strategies for devastating combos, defensive, and offensive moves across the game’s 13 unique playable characters.
Series icons Billy and Jimmy Lee are joined by Marian, returning as a fully realized, firearm-wielding ranged fighter, and newcomer Uncle Matin, a riot-shield-wielding powerhouse. Tag in and out as the classic Lee duo or switch it up with different characters. With two-player local cooperative play, the action quadruples as you and a friend clean up the mean streets.
Endless playthrough possibilities are made a reality with the game’s dynamic mission select function—the order in which you choose your mission will affect the mission length, number of enemies, and overall difficulty. Players choose between missions housed within city sectors, pursuing the leaders of four deadly gangs across unique stages packed with melee weapons, dangerously devoted members and varied environments perfect for all-out fights.


It already looks better than Wayforward's Double Dragon Neon.
Singapore based Secret Base made Devil's Dare back in 2014. It was a piddling effort, but there are some surface similarities to the new DD. Game included a mecha Jim Sterling and some other e-celebs has-been nobodies I don't recognize.



Looks way more interesting than Neon and DD4. Much better take on Marion being playable compared to April in Shredder's Revenge too.
please, can we just leave these games.

GIF by Zack Kantor

Ulysses 31

Why is it so hard to give us something that takes the best from Double Dragon Advance and Super Double Dragon with today's tech?

Or even take inspiration from some of the fan projects out there:

Minus the super long stunlocks you can pull of on enemies since that's a bit over the top IMO for a DD.
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Why did they have to ravage New York City by a nuclear war? lol

Feels such a random story thread to follow.
Not a huge fan of the art style but it’s fucking Double Dragon, day one.

I used to get in trouble as a kid for spending all my money playing the arcade cabinet. That fucking music. I love how in a big arcade full of machines making noise, it still stood out.


Tears of Nintendo
Don't care. Give me new Battletoads with the same art style as in original games if not better, modern pixel art with better animations.
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K' Dash

You felt offended by my commentary, made a dumb penis remark and still talk about 12 years?
If this cheesy awfull stuff is for your taste go for it. No need to get touchy.

I merely stated the fact that your fragile ego wouldn't let you play a fun game, just because of its looks.

If by "offended" you mean chuckle and pitty, then you're right.
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I was thinking of creating a post on this video, which looks at the series as a whole over the past 30 years...gotta agree with the art-style with this upcoming release...why not take a leaf out of Streets of Rage 4? It would have perfectly suited the game!

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