Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PS4/XB1 |OT| They're master ports all, you can't go wrong

Can't wait to dive into this game again

Will be a some what new experience without being able to rely on level 200 pawns for an early power boost


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Excited to give this game a proper try. I’ve tried to play through it 3 times on PS3 but gave up around the same spot every time. Part of it was how shitty the game looked blowed up to 1080p with my fat PS3 and also traversing the world wasn’t fun to me. I’m in the right mood to finally give the game a go now though. I’m hungry for some action games.
Okey So i might bite

how dos this compare to other titles ?
It's an RPG, set in a smallish open-world (but with an awesome dynamic time of day and weather system), with combat designed by the Devil May Cry team. It has a main quest line, and while I really liked it, it's not drawn out and never forced on you. The game actively encourages you to explore the world in your own time (rather than forcing you to through quests), and I quite liked that freedom. It's all about the combat, the glorious DMC inspired combat :)

It's pretty unique, so I would say it doesn't really compare to other titles. It's not a Souls game, it's not Skyrim. My advice is this: don't expect those games, and don't try to play DD the way you would play those games.
Nice OT, thank you.

DD is one of those games, like the Witcher 3, that really gives me a sense of being part of an adventure; something missing in a lot of games these days.

I play DD on the 360 for a long time, never felt the pressure to finish it but just go back and enjoy the random encounters, night battles and exploration. I'm looking forward to play it again on the X1.
I'm trying to be good but not sure I can resist. I was going to try to finish The Witcher 3 first, but I might just have to take the plunge and order this. I just wish I could import my pawn from the PS3 version.
I traded The Witcher 3 in after a dozen or so hours for this. It's more my speed/style from what I played on the PS3. Looking forward to the decent framerate on the PS4Pro.
I already can't decide on a class. I think I played as an assassin on PS3 due to its flexibility.... Can't decide on Assassin/Strider/Ranger/MArcher!
The fact that we can't import at least our pawns from previous gen versions is annoying. I guess save import would be very tricky, but the pawns saved against our usernames on each platform at the very least should've been easy to retrieve. If joebloggs29 had a pawn on 360, then joebloggs29 should be able to import it on the Xbone, and the same should go for janedoe84 from the PS3 being able to import on the PS4.

In my case, I'm using the same PSN account with the PS4 version that I used with the PS3 version, Capcom really should've been able to figure out how to retrieve my pawn data (especially given that it was an online system, rather than a local one).
Probably one of the worst stories I've ever seen in an Open World RPG, unless the later portion somehow redeems it.

The best combat in an Open World RPG, hands down in my opinion.

Not much of a looker though.
It does.

The story for the game is often broken down into seven stages that refer to the state of the world of Gransys after completing a specific quest.

Stages 1-4, or until the quest "
Griffins Bane
", is some pretty standard fantasy RPG stuff that is easy to ignore so you can focus on the combat.

Stage 5 is where things pick up and the story starts to go places...

Stages 6 & 7 are fantastic and include probably the best
post game
I've ever seen in an RPG.
Well, that's odd. It looks like I pre-ordered this and and it's showing up tomorrow.

I have absolutely no recollection of doing that, but it looks like I placed the order on August 10th. Drunk Amazon?
Damn, this was a good game. I'll have to pick it up again down the road.

Fully kitted out the archer classes and the mage classes so I'll make a warrior this time.

DD feels like a real adventure game where the night is dark and full of terrors.
So for the Digital preorder on Amazon being wrong just got off chat with a rep and they said for the date being wrong, I get a $5 promo credit for my inconvenience. Nice!
I never ended up completing this back when it released, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. Had a great adventurous feeling, and really gave me a Dungeons and Dragons vibe.
Just a word of warning on hiring pawns (if it hasn't changed since last gen):

If you hire a pawn that is higher than you, you will gain less xp. Every level higher than you is 1% less xp, capped at 25%. Conversely, if you hire a pawn lower than you, you will gain more xp (up to 25% more). You also gain more xp the less pawns you have in your party (25% more per slot--it's equivalent to having a pawn at least 25 levels below you).

Source: http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_Points

On PS3, I hired a friend's high-level pawn because it was free. Though it was a basic warrior tank, it was level 75. I ended up using the pawn throughout most of the game and finished around level 50 or so. Found out later about the xp thing with pawn hires, and that most people are much higher level when they finished. I had some great weapons and armor by the time I finished the game, but when I went into Bitterblack Isle, I couldn't get very far.

I guess the only good thing was my mage pawn was really good for being level 50. Made her a good hire for players around that level, and I got a good amount of rift crystals from that.
I always played a sorcerer back then, the spells are just so damn amazing! Thinking of going assassin this time, always wanted to climb some monsters!
Had this for a few days but only just got the chance to play this now. Missed this last generation so looking forward to giving it a shot.

Spent ages making my character and main pawn.

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Okey So i might bite

how dos this compare to other titles ?
Have you ever dreamed of climbing on a Chimera and stabbing it repeatedly in its soft bits with hot knives?


Pass. Thanks for the heads up. I cant deal with shitty stories at all.
The ending more than makes up for it. Underrated story with relatively subtle fourth wall breaking elements.
Any suggestions on what to make my main character and what not to do? First time playing. Is there a wiki for this?
I'd personally start as a fighter for the boost in hp.

When you get to make your main pawn make sure it's one that compliments your play style. If you play as a fighter or close range style then a mage pawn will be better.

Also it sounds silly but making your pawn as "attractive" (*see slutty) as possible will get more people using them so more rewards.

Going out at night is a dangerous afair but can be rewarding. Unlike most games the day/night cycle in DD actually changes the game completely.

A bit of an item spoiler so dunno if you want to read this....
not far into the game you get a quest who's reward is a gold idol. You can choose to keep it for a discount in stores or give it to a shop keeper to unlock high end gear... don't be too hasty though. There's a place in grand soren where you can create a 'copy' for some coin. Do this first and give the real one to a shop keeper and keep the fake. You'll get access to the gear AND the store discount
I'm curious regarding
Online Ur Dragon:

Will the rewards of fighting and/or defeating online Ur Dragon be exactly the same as they were on PS3/360?
Excited to give this a shot. It'll have to wait until early next year, but having never played it, it looks like something i'll enjoy.

This is primarily single player, no?