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Dragon Age 4 is reportedly in ‘very good shape’ ahead of a potential 2023 release

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Dragon Age 4 is reportedly in ‘very good shape’ ahead of a potential 2023 release​

It’s also claimed that EA has no plans for a remastered Dragon Age trilogy

Dragon Age 4 development is reportedly on schedule ahead of a potential release in 2023.

That’s according to VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who provided an unofficial update on BioWare‘s game during the latest episode of premium Giant Bomb show GrubbSnax.

“That brings us to Dragon Age 4, which I’ve heard is in very good shape,” he said (transcribed by VGC).

“Overall, when they look at where they’re supposed to be at [in the development cycle], they are hitting their milestones and where they’re supposed to be, and the game is on schedule.”

Based on Grubb’s sources, Dragon Age 4 is unlikely to be released until the second half of next year at the earliest.

“It is sill at least 18 months out from today, so not early 2023, maybe late 2023, maybe. That seems to be the earliest you can begin to expect it,” he said.

Grubb also claimed there are no plans for a remastered Dragon Age trilogy similar to Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

He said this is partly because the Dragon Age games aren’t as linked as the Mass Effect trilogy in term of being one complete story, and were also built with different engines, meaning more work would be involved in updating them.

BioWare released the first full Dragon Age 4 trailer in December 2020.

“We’re still in early production but we thought it was time to give you the very first look at how BioWare’s passionate team of developers are crafting this very special game,” it said at the time.

It was claimed last year that EA had allowed BioWare to drop all planned live service elements from Dragon Age 4 and that the game would primarily be a single player adventure, although it could still feature an online multiplayer component.

Source: VGC


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Really need to finish DAI. I hate that this games announcement spoils one of the characters in the game and that has put me off finishing the game (especially as it seems a direct sequel to DAI).

. . . hopefully they don't drop the ball with it.


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Zero expectations from me. Although I do think Inquisition was a kickass game that somewhat redeemed BioWare after DA2 and ME3. If they pull that off again I will be very pleasantly surprised.

Prove us wrong, BioWare!


I'm looking forward to new character interactions and romance options. That's what Bioware does (did) best.


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I have zero faith in Bioware making something good anymore. Especially when it comes to a series that only had one good game to begin with.


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As with most devs, until they show stuff running on actual hardware assume everything the studio or "insiders" say to be bullshit.


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I’ve heard this before:


I came here for this and you didn’t disappoint 👍
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