Dragon Age: Inquisition – 30 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Leaked

No way! Hype! Watching now

Sunny rain looks weird, but initial impressions visually = hot

Have only seen the first, very brief bit of combat, but that doesn't look any different than 2.... =\

Edit: psych! overhead pause combat is back mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I should know better than to say this after DA2, but that actually looked pretty good.

Tactical camera on consoles is also awesome.
I'm only a minute in but that rain looks very awkward. Not only is the sun shining, but I hate weather effects like that - rain, but no wet textures on characters on the ground, nu puddles and other stuff that indicates that it's actually raining.

Come on guys. Game looks super colorful though, I love that.
The exact same footage was shown at Comic-con. Bioware said recently that the game may not even come out in 2014, they are really polishing the game
do I have to play the first two to play this game ?

game is gorgeous looking

looking on wiki last 2 games are 5+ years old id rather not play a game made back then
Just started, but looks gorgeous so far. The lighting and draw distance is particularly impressive. Though it does have a slightly artsy non realistic look about it (not necessarily a bad thing). Reminds me of a souped up Fable.
Oh my, it looks so good so far (just started video), I must have this game. Getting the PC version for sure (mods!). Also dat rain, look at it Guerrilla Games.


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Those critiquing the graphics should remember that Inquisition is still ~10+ months away, notably more if EA decide to delay it again, and hasn't had an extended gameplay reveal to the public yet. Stuff this early isn't a good metric to judge what the final game will look like, as many assets wont be finished or implemented.
For once I'm really happy this game is pretty far away from release.

If this is what the game looks like now I really, really want to see what Bioware will come up with if they just take their time and make this perfect.