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Dragon Age: The Veil Guard Reveal Trailer (Fall 2024)| Xbox Showcase


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BioWare and Electronic Arts revealed a new trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard, where we meet your team of seven companions, each with their own rich story to discover and shape. Together, you will become The Veilguard.​


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Don't pass gaas, it is your Destiny!
looks a bit cringe but like the old ones so I’ll give it a try.


That was Dragon Age? I walked out halfway through to make coffee. I’ll have to watch it again later.


Another victim of PBR rendering and standardization of lighting in games, influenced by Pixar's and Disney's graphics research. Everything looks like it's either made out of clay, muddy and ugly or it's super shiny, boring and sterile.
DA: I is a bad game but this looks like it's going to be worse.
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Wonderful, UCM is flopping again and again, but videogames are trying to imitating them! It's like videogames industry hates itself and enjoys acting as the cinema's retarded brother (among other things).

I remember when Dragon Age was supossed to be the majestic return to good old Bioware...and Only Origins did it!


Not quuuuuite what I was expecting, but June 11th is a gameplay trailer. I'll reserve judgement for then. Not final, just further.

Initial reactions are a little turned off by the character models. Like, they look more cartoony. Inquisition had a gritty feel to it. Maybe since this game was in development hell, they had to settle on this?
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