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Dragon Ball: The Breakers - Closed Beta Gameplay & Impressions


Got a chance to check out the beta. There's 4 sessions throughout the weekend and today's the start. Here's some of my impressions after playing a couple matches.

- There's a character creator. Male and female options. Pretty decent options.
- In the beta you can only play casual matches.
- Two player types. Survivor and Raider.
- Survivors have to run around and help people, gather items to build some machine. The end goal is to use the machine to escape the area, before cell evolves and murders you. There are 8 survivors dropped randomly into 5 different zones.
- You can upgrade your abilities but it wasn't really clear to find stuff. Everytime Cell evolves, he has the ability to instantly wipe out a zone. If you are caught in the blast you die instantly. Kind of op imo.
- As a raider (Cell), you goal is to find people and players, kill them, and consume them, before they escape. Evolve to get stronger moves and abilities. Cell is incredibly strong, and it's best to fight him with the entire team. If you are caught 1 on 1, well you're dead. It's impossible to take on Cell one on one even with upgraded abilities.
- There are items that can help such as shield and stuff.
- As cell you can use solar flare to stun the survivors, use scanning to sense players around you, and a dodge move. The problem with the combat is moves don't connect half the time. Target lock is a problem. It's so easy to lose track of the players as the camera and target lock can't keep up.
- Combos don't flow easily as well. Just doesn't feel right.
- Asked a couple people and they had issues connecting attacks as well.
- The game has a couple currency systems to use in the shops to buy new clothes and quotes, voices, etc.
- It feels meh atm. I think it needs more time to cook.
- Load times are long to get into matches right now in the beta. One match took me 2 mins while everyone in the room were trying to get into the map.
- I think it needs more than 8 people for how big these areas are. Once Cell sees you, it's kind of hard to get away, even with the iffy camera and target lock.

I'll play more this weekend and update this. Let me hear some of your impressions guys.

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