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Dragon Quest 11's original release has been delisted in favour of new Definitive Edition


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Is the champions pack dlc for Nintendo only? Can’t find it on MS store


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Would it be any different than discontinuing the physical version? i guess you could find the game on the used market, but the game does exist in physical format and people that bought first still have that version, no?
I mean yeah but it used games was a huge contention last gen so much that it became a marketing point. We just want options that’s basically it. Taking it away is bad in my opinion. It’s fine to have digital but I want to also be able to have physical discs.

The trend is going up for digital share of the market so it’s kind of an inevitably that it will be the main way of buying games in the far future. I want to have the option to buy physically even in the future. Right now some games are digital only and have a limited physical release like LRG does so options seems limited if something similar happens in the future.
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