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Dragon Quest: Builders Review Thread


Oct 27, 2013
Opencritic - 85
Metacritic - 84

[URL="http://www.usgamer.net/articles/dragon-quest-builders-playstation-4-review-in-progress/page-2"]USGamer - 4.5/5

Striking an almost perfect balance between RPG and construction game, Dragon Quest: Builders manages to hold fast to the best parts of the series whose name it bears while creating a guided, structured format for the Minecraft concept. The end result works brilliantly, with top-notch visuals, music, and writing that help drive home the appeal. There's room for improvement here... but not much
Attack Of The Fanboy - 4.5/5

While created for fans first and foremost, Dragon Quest Builders serves as not only a love letter to the long running series, but also as an excellent introduction for newcomers to this wonderful franchise that is definitely worth checking out.
Dualshockers - 9.5/10

All this adventure and discovery made me think of times in my past that I sunk hours and hours into game’s like Dragon Warriors II and Torneko: The Last Hope. That being said, I feel as though Dragon Quest Builders is not only worthy of being apart of the long standing RPG franchise, but it also succeeds in making its mark and surpassing all competition compared to any game like it
Hardcore Gamer - 4.5/5

Combining an action RPG with a building game is an unusual combination, but great care was done to ensure that fans of both can be satisfied by this and the freedom to play the game in a way most compatible to the individual player’s preference only makes it better.
GameSpew - 9/10

Dragon Quest Builders is both a fantastic game and a testament to the incredible versatility of the Dragon Quest series. It is a culmination of everything that the series is known and loved for, combined with the strongest elements of Minecraft. With solid gameplay, a gorgeous world, and genuinely funny writing, even those unfamiliar with the franchise can easily find something here to enjoy. Everything Dragon Quest Builders offers comes together beautifully to form a unique and immensely rewarding experience.

Destructoid - 9/10

If there's one thing that's really on my wishlist for the (inevitable) sequel, it's true multiplayer. Split-screen would be hard to pull off but most definitely possible, and exploring the open world in a creation-centric game is one of my favorite pastimes with my wife. For now, you'll have to deal with online-only leaderboard-type features, where you can share creations with each other in a limited play space. It's a bummer, and although there is some sort of excuse for it (this entire project is kind of a gamble), the attempt to salvage this lack of a feature is halfhearted at best.

As long as that's not solely what you're looking for though, you can breathe easy knowing that Builders is more Dragon Quest than Minecraft. There's a clear campaign and a sense of progression that doesn't let up for hours on end. This is no clone.
PlayStation Universe - 9/10

Dragon Quest Builders delivers in every way. With all the game’s released so far, Builders is a game of the year contender in my book. Building your settlements is a blast and having a sense of direction helps you watch as your simple creations transform into giant marvels is a sight to behold. Simple and charming, Builders is a game that everyone can and should enjoy
CGMagazine - 8.5/10

I never got hooked on Minecraft because I never felt any real satisfaction from building a new mansion or creating a town with friends. Dragon Quest Builders delivered that feeling to me by making me care for villagers and setting me on some great RPG-like quests. It is easily my preferred title in the crafting game genre.
Gamesradar - 4/5

But even with these issues, Dragon Quest Builders is easy to recommend. It may not be as deep as its genre contemporaries, but its mash-up of crafting, survival elements, and RPG questing set in the colorful, cartoony world of Dragon Quest is rewarding and breezy fun for players of all levels of creative ability.
Gameinformer - 8/10

Even after beating the game, you have plenty to do. A freeform mode lets you build and share your creations with other players (though, curiously, it doesn’t generate randomized worlds). Recipes and items are unlocked as you complete each chapter in the campaign, which lessens the sting of having to start from scratch in that mode. I’m eager to see what people create and share in Dragon Quest Builders, though I suspect the scope will be significantly less broad than what Minecrafters have built within that game’s borders. It’s possible to create huge castles, intricate homes, and other impressive structures, but the tools are more tailored toward domestic living than freeform construction and creating working -in-game -computers.

I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for cute design, but that alone wouldn’t have been enough to hold my attention for several dozen hours. Instead, the charming visuals work with a solid action/RPG that, while still a bit rough in a few small areas, is a surprising treat.
WCCFtech - 6/10

Dragon Quest Builders incorporates sandbox elements with the series’ RPG roots to encourage players to be more creative. For those that are looking for a relaxing game that can be completed at a leisurely pace, this may suit you. Although the game presents more of a structured approach that many players may find preferable to a game like Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders has a number of flaws that appear to hinder the player. As a result, the game can feel quite drawn-out and boring at times which may prevent players from wanting to stick with it until the end. Nonetheless, it will be very interesting to see what Dragon Quest fans make of it.


Aug 15, 2007
Well that's reviewing way better than I expected. Now I have to go check out the demo.
I'm not surprised because the import buzz was really good. Apparently it does a really good job of providing a guided experience with Minecraft mechanics.


GAF parliamentarian
May 10, 2009
Ottawa, Canada
Whoa, I'm not used to review threads appearing a week before release anymore.

Demo was super adorable, so I've got my copy pre-ordered.


Jun 2, 2013
Way too high for a game severely lacking in multiplayer. It is fun though.


Apr 15, 2010
Damn, really good scores. SE is firing on all cylinders.

Will try it out some time for sure.


Mar 20, 2012
Yea think I'm gonna pick it up during the holiday's...

A bit too much back log, but not a lot of must haves for me this year so I can catch up.

Once they add multiplayer to the sequel, it should do even better, but glad I finally get a taste of the Minecraft/Lego craze. Needed a story, a little narration and direction to guide me instead of create your own story playhouse of Minecraft. This suits me much better, just don't have as much time as I used to.


Mar 7, 2010
Was hoping that it would do well, I really enjoyed the demo.

I think I'm going for World of Final Fantasy this month although it wasn't a simple choice between the two. Will definitely be getting this at some point though.


Nov 8, 2009
Way too high for a game severely lacking in multiplayer. It is fun though.
So now games have to have multiplayer to be anything above a 60 metacritic? Fuck, better delay the new Zelda and tack on a shitty multiplayer option so i can get at least a 70.


Apr 10, 2013
I tried the demo expecting a mediocre spin-off and I was pleasently surprised by how good it was. Glad it's getting positive reviews, I'm impatient for the release.


Jan 13, 2009
I don't remember the last time I went from not caring about a game to it being one of the most anticipated in such a short span. That demo absolutely sold me on the game. It's like the 90's again.


Jun 14, 2012
Went into the demo expecting not to like because I have absolutely no interest in Minecraft, left the demo 4 hours later and pre-ordered the game. It has some flaws but its a really good game and at least there are objectives.


Apr 8, 2013
Stupid hyped for this game. My daughter even more so. She loves Minecraft, and Dragon Quest so this is right up her 5 y/o ally.

Might see if my local place got it early.


Nov 28, 2006
Honestly the demo convinced me to buy this. It got my wife on board too.

It was more convincing than any written word or video.

It also reinforced in my mind that having a well made demo that realy shows what a game is about can sell it. We don't get nearly as many demos anymore. Its a shame because it seems like pubs are trying too much to control message and prevent prerelease information that isnt heavily controlled.

With all that said though, I preordered this and it will be here soon enough.


Jan 16, 2012
This is a surprise... but I don't think I can afford to bother with it right now... :(


Apr 2, 2016
Alright, but it's the same content, right? Sorry I have a lot of questions, but like a lot of people here, my interest went from 0 to 100 super fast and I haven't really followed the game until now
Pretty sure everything is the same. Except resolution of course and price.


Jun 18, 2013
If I import the asian english Vita version immediately I'll probably get it right when World of FF and a billion other Vita games release. Hmm.
Oct 29, 2013
If I import the asian english Vita version immediately I'll probably get it right when World of FF and a billion other Vita games release. Hmm.
I am flying into Singapore early next week. Sounds like I will have to hunt down the asian english version to play while traveling. Last time I was there I grabbed Gundam Breaker 3 vita. =)


Jun 2, 2006
Alright, but it's the same content, right? Sorry I have a lot of questions, but like a lot of people here, my interest went from 0 to 100 super fast and I haven't really followed the game until now
Something to consider is that I think there is no cross save between the systems.