Dragon Quest IV, V, VI for DS announced !!

Okay. It may have taken three games at once to do it, but I'm stunned--something actually managed to beat out Advance Wars DS 2, Star Ocean 1 and 2 remakes, and the huge Tales announcement on my "news of the year" list. :eek: (And all of those are in my top ten, by the way.)
And Dragon Quest IX also, but by now I can't even remember if that happened this year or in 2006.


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DQ4 DS looks to be a port of the PS1 remake which is fine by me.

this NEEDS to come here, wonder how DQ5 and DQ6 will look.

omg best news week.
Fantastic! Nice to see the rumors finally come to fruition.

I didn't expect DQ4 to look just like the PSX remake - that's very cool. Previous rumors were hinting that the DS remakes would use the Joker engine, or something similar.
I want to be EXCITE. Remembering my time spent with DQ8, however, makes it difficult. (It's the only DQ I ever played, so it's my only point of ref.) Hopefully, SE will change that.


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I really really did not like DQVIII because of painfully simplistic story and slow combat, does that automatically mean IV, V and VI are not for me or do they have better(or rather more developed) stories and faster(varied) combat?

And does anyone think this means FFV and VI wont be getting DS remakes anytime soon? Cause that would really not be cool.


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EGM rumors + 1


- level 5 is going to announce 4 new rpgs at tokyo game show
- squeenix to start remaking dragon quest games starting with dq4 on ds
- microsoft is funnelling all the best 360 parts to the elite model, which is why lower models crap out more
- next def jam game will be better than icon. ea knows it sucked
- io interactive (kane and lynch) making a kids' game
- next james bond game will use call of duty 4 engine