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Dragon Quest VII coming to Japanese 3DS' [February 7th, 2013]

Will include street pass functionality with special lithographs you can obtain in-game. Not a whole lot of details right now.

Stuff is floating around on the web if you wanna take a look. Can't post though, of course.

Edit: Clarified some street pass stuff. Also, looks like it might actually be a full 3D remake. Awesome.


Eh, going to need a better source than just a scan, it could be a photoshop for all we know.



If true, is Arte Piazza behind it? Works since they co-developed the original, GS should help out, being Heartbeat once upon a time.


Huh, all I heard about 7 is that it was crazy long and that you had to fight god. Interested...

(Prays for 8-4 translation)


Awesome news if true, I've been thinking about picking up the PS1 version, but its a bit expensive for a complete copy. I'd much rather wait for a new 3DS port.
I never played 7, so I'm actually really looking forward to this.

I remember thinking it looked ugly as sin in the PSX screenshots I saw back in the day. It'd probably look pretty solid on the smaller 3DS screen.
Creamsugar: (laughs)


Should we start begging for a localization? THIS IS GOING TO BE GLORIOUS

I love DQ games. T_______________T

Out Feb, wow, this is how companies are supposed to announce games!


Now if only Nintendo Enix of America will be bothered to bring this one over...RIP Pirate Slime and Terry's Wonderland.
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