Dragon Quest VII coming to Japanese 3DS' [February 7th, 2013]

Will include street pass functionality with special lithographs you can obtain in-game. Not a whole lot of details right now.

Stuff is floating around on the web if you wanna take a look. Can't post though, of course.

Edit: Clarified some street pass stuff. Also, looks like it might actually be a full 3D remake. Awesome.
Awesome news if true, I've been thinking about picking up the PS1 version, but its a bit expensive for a complete copy. I'd much rather wait for a new 3DS port.
I never played 7, so I'm actually really looking forward to this.

I remember thinking it looked ugly as sin in the PSX screenshots I saw back in the day. It'd probably look pretty solid on the smaller 3DS screen.
Creamsugar: (laughs)


Should we start begging for a localization? THIS IS GOING TO BE GLORIOUS

I love DQ games. T_______________T

Out Feb, wow, this is how companies are supposed to announce games!