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Dragon Quest X TGS Stage Event: new classes, level cap raised, housing, Wii U footage


Feb 12, 2007
Update 3. As I don't play Dragon Quest X and am not terribly familiar with the series' terminology, please forgive any odd translations.

Upcoming update:

- Tensei Monsters will be in the new update.
- These monsters will be found alongside regular monsters, the only difference being that they only rarely appear.
- Name and color of these monsters will slightly change to differentiate from regular monsters.
- Example screenshot that was shown showcased a shiny gold monster named Golden Cone (ゴールデンコーン) appearing alongside an Al-mi'raj when players entered into battle with one.
- Tensei Monsters are slightly stronger than regular monsters.
- Less than 10 types of Tensei Monsters will show up in this particular update.

- Hard mode boss fights will be added.
- Previously defeated bosses during the story will appear simultaneously, and they will all be stronger than they originally were.
- Intended for high level players. Supposedly stronger than even the last boss.
- Will display how long it took to defeat a hard mode boss after battle with one.

- Lost Metal Slimes and Metal Brothers Slimes might show up in this update.
- Will apear alongside other monsters in high-level areas.
- Tombrero Hat and Pink Mommon Hat will be added as equipment.

- Bow skill called "Samidare Uchi" (Myriad Shot).
- This is the same skill that the "Arrow Imp" monster uses.
- Boomerang skill called "Burning Bird".
- This skill is an area attack that transforms your boomerang into a firebird that assaults enemies.


Update 2: Horii says Wii U version's release in Japan is tentatively set for spring 2013


Update 1

- Has an ability that lets you choose not to fight enemies, instead seeing them off. (do enemies in DQX aggro?)
- Can charm enemies.
- Use "Steal" during the Ranger job quest.

- Use "Protection" during the Paladin job quest.

- 1000 blocks = 100,000 houses.

Upcoming Update:
- The ability to re-spec will be added.
- Need to finish a level 40 requirement quest to re-spec.
- Will be provided an item to re-spec upon completion. Resets points from one skill.
- Have to buy additional re-spec items after using the first. Each will cost 10k gold.
- A quest will be added that'll expand inventory size from 25 to 50.
- Receive this quest from an NPC on Rakkaran Gourakushima (娯楽島ラッカラン) at level 35+.
- Letters will no longer be common items, and will be stored in a separate area.
- A letter entry will be added to the Item command. Letters will be separated by three categories here: Sent letters, Written letters, and Received letters. 100 letters can be stored in each of these three. Can also re-write letters.
- Will not need to complete a quest for these new letter features.
- Might hold an in-game festival in Astoltia (アストルティア) alongside the "Puu-chan" event scheduled in October.

- Large-scale update will be launched in the beginning of October.
- New classes are Paladin and Ranger.
- Level cap will be raised to 55. Requires you to complete a quest to raise the cap to 55.
- Player housing will be added.

Wii U info:
- Wii and Wii U players play on the same servers.
- No changes system or content-wise. More characters are displayed on Wii U version.
- Wii account can be transferred to Wii U.
- Can play on Wii and Wii U without an additional monthly payment. Requires one to buy the Wii or Wii U version though, of course.
- Investigating if Wii characters can partake in the Wii U beta test. Will likely have restrictions if so. Giving priority to new players on Wii U, not existing accounts.
- Development status of Wii U version: have progressed enough to show offline parts. Finishing up the online part on Wii U.
- Beta test is planned to begin around the new year.
- Character data can be transferred from the Wii U beta test to the full release.

- Tank, can heal-self and act as a shield for other party members.
- Weapons: Stick, Spear, Hammer (new weapon).
- Magic: Re-healmore and Buff.
- Uses weapon + shield.

- Uses a bow to attack from a distance, can also use simple recovery magic.
- Can also use a boomerang; attacks surrounding enemies all at once. Depending on the skill used, it can also be used to focus attacks on a single enemy.

Do a quest to unlock Paladin and Ranger. Any class can switch to Paladin or Ranger.

- Requires land and a house kit.
- Land starts from 500k gold, house kit is 10k gold.
- Land drops in price by 5000 gold four times per day (3:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 3 PM, 9 PM). Can be as cheap as 20k gold, which requires 24 days to pass.
- Once 80% of the land up for sale is sold, another 1000 blocks are added (starting at 500k gold), so both the rich and the poor can always purchase land.
- Given a hearth to return to your home once you purchase one.
- House kit can be used on any land (lot) that you purchased.
- Provided 50 additional slots to store items once you purchase a house.
- A cabinet can also be placed inside your home, increasing the number of storage slots even further.
- Large number of exterior furnishings available.
- Interior can also be furnished.

Wii U version demonstration:

Saw the Wii U version today, BTW - looked pretty nice. No major enhancements, just hi-res, clean, smooth. Menus and text and such is smaller now, shadows are more realistic, they're re-doing all the cutscenes and stuff in HD, etc. Can switch back and forth to the Wii U Game Pad at any point, too.

Wii U beta will start soon after launch (but not necessarily day 1) - but the nice thing is, progress WILL carry over to the final game this time, unlike the Wii beta.

More screens:


Jul 26, 2006
How's the game doing, anyway? I know its sales numbers, but is the user base still active or did many people leave after the free month?


Jan 6, 2005
This was in the Famitsu leaks, but it's nice to have better pics and more info on housing.

- Level cap will be raised to 55. Requires you to complete a quest to raise the cap to 55.

says hi!


Feb 20, 2007
It will probably break the 700k bar by the end of the year. It is a bit bold to say, but I think it can be achieved. People keep buying it also, which means that the feedback of current owners is positive.


Jan 16, 2007
Are they decent?

500k. Terribly low by DQ standards, but absolutely massive by japanese MMO standards. Depends what metric you're using for 'decent'!

In real terms, it's probably enough to sustain the game provided people sub after the free month.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Sep 9, 2006
Wii U version looks terrible :/

Not hyped anymore..

lol...because of the graphics you were hyped for DQX ?

btw. I dont think the screens in the OP are from the WiiU version.


Dec 6, 2008
Awesome but I wish it was a single player game. I love Dragon Quest and it's stories

I don't want to pay $30 a month to play.

Where on earth did you get that figure from? Also, you had about a year to get over the fact that it is an MMO, please, don't repeat what I have been hearing for quite sometime.


Jul 26, 2006
Where on earth did you get that figure from? Also, you had about a year to get over the fact that it is an MMO, please, don't repeat what I have been hearing for quite sometime.

He's probably referring to both the game's fee (12$/month) and the costs of using a proxy server. I don't know what a good proxy costs nowadays, but a monthly total of ~25$ sounds reasonable.

The severs are still packed apparently. I think both 8-4 and Red Sun Gamer podcast mentioned that.

Sounds good.


Feb 28, 2012
I think the WiiU version looks very nice and clean actually, I wasn't expecting a complete graphical overhaul. Personally, this is one of the few games that makes me really want a WiiU.


Jul 26, 2007

That looks fine to me. In fact, I love that art style.

I haven't played it but the game sounds like vanilla FFXI, which makes me want the game more and more.


Jun 6, 2004
Savannah, GA
That is indeed dissapointing. Didn't they say it was "beautiful"? This is just the Wii game in HD. But yeah, it's not like they were gonna remake an entire MMORPG. This isn't gonna do anything for the Wii U.

I think having one of the most successful MMOs (by japanese standards) available near launch for the Wii U is going to do quite a bit of something. Particularly with the game playable on the Subscreen controller.

Think of it like this: MMOs are a time sink. And the more you play, the more you become attached to your character and their world. A lot of Japanese households are tiny units with a single television (and I'm not speaking from a point of ignorance as I have been there) so if you can carry your adventure to an adjacent room while the rest of the family watches what they want on the telly, you have more time to play which brings greater attachment, makes the whole thing a more fulfilling experience, and encourages you to invest more money in the game. Therefore it's very good for their monetization model.